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Protein A Scaffold

Protein A scaffold molecules are engineered binding proteins for therapeutic, diagnostic and biotechnological applications, which bind to a wide range of protein targets. Protein A scaffold molecules are small (6.5 kDa) non-immunoglobulin affinity ligands based on a 58-amino-acid Z-domain scaffold, derived from one of the IgG-binding domains of staphylococcal protein A.

Protein A Scaffolds,Recombinant Antibodies - Creative Biolabs
Key Advantages
• multi-specific formats
• ability to fold correctly intracellularly
• site-specifically modified drug conjugates
• biodistribution flexibility
• good tissue penetration

Creative biolabs has created a large library consisting of more than ten billion Protein A scaffold molecules, all with unique binding sites, from which binders to given targets are selected.

Products Database
ALB (1)
CXCL8 (1)
EGFR (3)
ERBB2 (8)
FGA (2)
HAS (2)
IgA (1)
IGHE (2)
IGHG1 (4)
IgM (1)
INS (3)
TF (2)
TNF (4)
TTR (1)
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