Thermal Stable scFv/Fab Screening

Creative Biolabs offers specialized thermal stable antibody fragment (scFv/Fab) screening and antibody stability improvement services. With 10 years of experience in antibody engineering and therapeutic antibody development, scientists of Creative Biolabs hold unparalleled expertise in phage display and yeast display scFv/Fab library construction and screening for thermodynamic properties such as thermal stability using high throughput approaches.

Fig. 1 Antibody, Fab and scFv. (Blein and Hou 2012)

Stability is one of the most important functional requirements for the use of antibodies and antibody fragments in therapeutic and diagnostic applications. However, the non-ideal biophysical properties and insufficient thermal stability of antibody fragments such as scFv and Fab often leads to poor expression level, poor solubility and protein aggregation, which limits their potential as diagnostic and therapeutic agents. To fulfill our customers’ requirements, Creative Biolabs’ optimized strategies enable separation and screening of properly folded, active antibody fragments from culture supernatants under ordinary and “challenge” temperatures simultaneously. After that, antibody fragments that reach the target stability as measured by melting temperature (Tm) can be identified. We normally obtain thermal stable Fab fragments with Tm at 70°C or higher in most of our screening projects.

Besides screening for thermal stable scFv/Fab fragments, scientists at Creative Biolabs have also developed a unique engineering strategy for stability improvement of antibody and antibody fragments.


  1. Blein, S. and Hou, S. (2012) 'Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies: CurrentPerspectives and Applications for theTreatment of Head and Neck Cancer', International Journal of Head and Neck Surgery, 2(2), 87-94.

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