Unnatural Protein Engineering: Producing Proteins with Unnatural Amino Acids

Creative biolabs has built up a unique Protein with Unnatural Amino Acids Synthesis Platform that is based on our unmatched expertise and experience in unnatural protein engineering: producing proteins with unnatural amino acids. We are committed to becoming a strong partner for your amino acid based research by offering a broad and unique range of protein engineering service with unnatural amino acid, including unnatural amino acids synthesis, peptides and recombinant proteins carrying one or more unnatural amino acids.

Proteins, consisting of 20 natural amino acids in all organisms, are responsible for the majority of functional attributes of all living systems. The physical and chemical properties of proteins are a reflection of the side chains of each of the component amino acids. However, for some purposes it would be very desirable to have amino acids with side chains of various selected physical chemical properties, such as a keto group, a crosslinker, or a NMR probe group, incorporated into the protein. In contrast to nature’s strategy, the programmed incorporation of unnatural amino acids with new functional side chains will provide a powerful approach for protein or even organism engineering with novel functionalities and capabilities. In addition, this technology has also provided powerful tools for protein structural and functional studies in vivo.

Figure 1. Examples of unnatural amino acids successfully incorporated into proteins in vivo.

Figure 2. Example of expression of proteins with unnatural amino acids in different media.

We provide custom proteins engineering with unnatural amino acids service, including design and synthesis of modified peptides/proteins having unnatural amino acid according to customer’s requests. Altered protein properties after such incorporation can be validated using different biochemical and biophysical methods.

Competitive advantages
Expertise knowledge and rich experience in design and synthesis of proteins containing unnatural amino acids;
A comprehensive system of efficient protocols for incorporation of an unnatural amino acid in recombinant proteins using different media;
Professional computational modelling and computer analysis design for site-specific modification residues selection.

Quality Controls Measures
The following quality control measures are employed to create the highest quality proteins with unnatural amino acids:
Purification: Preparative HPLC, Preparative mid-pressure HPLC
Analysis: HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOFMS. The sequence of the protein can be used to predict the masses of specific peptide fragments, so mass shifts in the predicted fragments are likely caused by the incorporation of the specific unnatural amino acid in the sequence. Therefore, analysis of protease digestion products can be a sensitive method for the determination of amino acid analog incorporation.

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