Transmembrane 4 L six family member 1 (TM4SF1), also known as L6, M3s1, or TAAL6, is a protein that belongs to the L6 tetraspanin family. Members of this family are mostly cell-surface proteins that are featured by the four hydrophobic domains.

TM4SF1 has been reported to interact with alpha 5 and beta 1 integrins and to restrain the expression of CD63 and CD82, a process that may impact cell motility. In the meantime, TM4SF1 also functions as a regulator of cell development, activation, growth and motility by mediating signal transduction events. The abnormal expression of TM4SF1 has been identified in a variety of tumor cells. TM4SF1 is also expressed in some normal cells, including fibroblasts, endothelial cells at a lower level. The unique expression pattern of TM4SF1 renders it an ideal target for immunotherapies.

Entrez Gene ID: 4071
UniProt ID: P30408

Catalog Product name Similar to Antibody Linker Payload Data sheet Inquiry
ADC-W-518  Anti-TM4SF1 ( clone 2A7A)-Mc-LP2 ADC 2A7A-LP2 Humanized Anti-Mouse TM4SF1 Antibody, clone # 2A7A Mc (maleimidocaproyl) LP2 (chemical name mc-3377) Inquiry
ADC-W-517  Anti-TM4SF1 ( clone v1.10)-Mc-LP2 ADC v1.10-LP2 Humanized Anti-TM4SF1 Antibody, clone # v1.10 Mc (maleimidocaproyl) LP2 (chemical name mc-3377) Inquiry
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