Agonistic Antibody Screening Service

Biologics, especially therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, have been very successful in the last decade or so. Among them, agonistic monoclonal antibodies against certain targets can effectively enhance the immune response and become one of the most effective therapies against cancer. Creative Biolabs' antibody development team is dedicated to screening and identifying novel agonistic antibody for our clients.

Creative Biolabs uses a highly diverse phage display library to speed up your agonist antibody screening program, giving you access to purified recombinant antibodies in less than 2 months. Our large-capacity human phage library is composed of a variety of monoclonal antibody formats, including Fab, scFv or VHH and multiple species, which allows us to develop therapeutic antibodies without the need for humanization.

Background of Antibody Phage Display Technology

Phage display is a powerful and widely used laboratory technique for studying protein-protein, protein-peptide and protein-DNA interactions. This technique is based on the fact that the gene encoding the displayed molecule is packaged in the same virus as a single strained DNA (ssDNA) and the displayed peptide or protein is expressed in fusion with the phage coat protein.

Our phage display technology is based primarily on libraries of millions or even billions of phage particles, screening for conjugates with high affinity and specificity. It allows the creation of libraries containing up to 1012 different variants that can be used to affinity screen combinatorial peptide libraries to study protein-ligand interactions and to characterize these ligands.

Phage display cycle Fig.1 Phage display cycle.

Phage Display Based Agonistic Antibody Screening

Based on an advanced phage display technology platform, Creative Biolabs can produce high affinities and high specificity agonist formats, such as nanobodies, diabodies, chimeric antibodies (such as humanized Antibodies), VHH single domain antibodies. Three phage display systems are available, including M13 phage display system, T4 phage display system and T7 phage display system. Our scientists typically generate a library of 108 -109 levels of diversity, or sometimes more than 1010 libraries or custom library capacity to meet specific requirements.

M13 T4 T7
Genome Size 6407 bp 168895 bp 39937 bp
Display Protein pVI, pIII and pVIII SOC and HOC gp10B
Display Size >110 kDa on pIII <710 kDa <132 kDa
<10 kDa on pVIII
Display Density <5 copies on pIII <810 copies on SOC <415 copies
<2700 copies on pVIII <155 copies on HOC
Lifecycle Lysogeny Lytic Lytic

Table 1. Our phage display library and their characteristics.

Advantages of Antibody Phage Display

Creative Biolabs has been working in the field of antibody engineering for more than a decade, and our scientists are fully confident of completing the most challenging antibody engineering projects. For additional details of antibody screening services, please contact us.

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