Antagonistic Antibody Characterization Service

As an important biological tool for modern biological and medical research, the quality of antibody molecules is a key factor in the success of many experiments. Stable production of highly efficient, safe, and biologically active antibodies is a process that requires constant screening and identification. For antagonist antibodies developed for the purpose of treating cancer, strict quality control will directly affect the effectiveness of treatment. Creative Biolabs provides customers with antagonistic antibody characterization services with years of experience and advanced technology platforms to improve the reliability of your experimental results.

Introduction to Antagonistic Antibody

Cell-surface receptor-mediated intercellular communication plays an important role in the development of organisms and the maintenance of homeostasis. In the immune system, T cells and other immune cells also use the mutual recognition of cell surface proteins to determine the target of attack. Immune checkpoints generally refer to regulatory molecules that act as inhibitors in the immune system, and many tumor cells use them to evade attacks by the immune system. In current oncology research, antibodies, such as Humira and Avastin, which activate or block receptor function, have proven value in therapeutic applications. These antibodies are called agonists or antagonists, and they regulate the activity of immune cells by competitively binding to immunological checkpoints. In addition to the field of tumor therapy, they also have high research value in metabolic regulation and immune diseases.

Antagonistic Antibody. Fig.1 Antagonistic Antibody.

Antagonistic Antibody Characterization

Antagonist antibodies, from research and development to commercial production, are difficult, but they are of great commercial value. Creative Biolabs' antibody characterization service is your best choice for detecting antibody quality and optimizing your protocol. Our services include but are not limited to:

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