Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery via DNA Immunization

Based on years of experience in antibody discovery and production, Creative Biolabs has developed a variety of advanced technologies, including high-quality DNA immunization strategy. Based on DNA immunization, we are proud to offer anti-GPCR antibody discovery services as well as achieve the generation of anti-GPCR antibodies that against the native conformation of interested antigens.

DNA Immunization

DNA immunization (also known as genetic immunization), is an innovative method that enables to induce good immune responses of host animals to generate specific antibodies, merely requiring a simple antigen preparation process. Based on DNA immunization, the antigen-encoding gene can be transfected into host cells and lead to in vivo expression of the interested protein or peptide. The most attractive feature of this method is that proteins are synthesized in their natural conformation, allowing the high affinity of DNA immunization-produced mAbs. Besides, DNA immunization is a useful method for producing mAbs used for antibody-based therapies against native forms of membrane proteins. Now, it is regarded as a qualified substitute for direct protein/peptide injection method, especially for developing novel antibodies against the native protein or for in vivo diagnostic purposes.

Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery

The Schematic diagram of a GPCR with seven TM domains (TM1-TM7), extracellular loops (EL1-EL3) and intracellular loops (ICL1-ICL3). The different binding regions are shown in different colours as indicated. The EL2 domain forms a lid-like structure on top of the TM3 domain.

G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are a class of cell-surface signal transmission receptor proteins. They are responsible for transferring messages related to the extracellular states to intracellular effector molecules for signaling or cellular physiological variations. GPCRs interact with a variety of extracellular ligands, such as nucleotides, peptides, small organic compounds. They also affect an extensive range of pivotal biological processes, including homeostasis, proliferation, and migration of cells, as well as the sensing of taste and vision. GPCRs are considered to be one of the most significant drug targets and about half of the current drugs target GPCRs.

Monoclonal antibody against GPCR is essential for structural and functional analyses of GPCR in researching the temporal and spatial expressions, stabilizing the structure as chaperone binder, as well as functional regulation of receptors. However, due to the special features of GPCRs (e.g. high conformational variability, difficulty in the preparation of GPCR antigens, and the small exposed area of extracellular epitopes), it is difficult to isolate therapeutic anti-GPCR antibodies as well as hinder the research on the structure, function and biochemical mechanisms of GPCRs.

To overcome these challenges in generating highly specific anti-GPCR antibodies with improved efficacy and safety, Creative Biolabs can provide high-quality DNA immunization service with several approaches:

Based on these well-established techniques, Creative Biolabs enables the development of high-quality anti-GPCR antibodies. Our scientists are committed to providing services to contribute to clients’ research objectives.

In addition to the anti-GPCR antibody discovery services, Creative Biolabs can also provide other customized services via DNA immunization, such as:


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All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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