Anti-hapten Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of antibody construction. We are expert in developing antibodies for many challenging targets, such as phosphopeptides, membrane proteins, and whole cells. In particular, haptens are a class of valuable but hard to solve targets for antibody development. Creative Biolabs has developed an advanced platform with optimized immunization, selection, and affinity maturation procedures to provide the best solution of targeting the small molecule antigens.

Anti-hapten Antibody Production

Haptens are small molecules that stimulate the production of antibody when conjugated to a carrier molecule. Due to the small size, separate haptens cannot be presented to T cells since they are not able to bind to MHC complexes independently and induce immune response significantly. While, the haptens can be combined with the carriers, which are relatively larger molecules traveling through the circulation but do not elicit the immune response by themselves (such as KLH and BSA). The resulting hapten-carrier conjugates will take advantages of the larger size and then trigger the immune response more efficient

Generation of hapten-specific antibody

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience and proven successful records of developing antibodies with high affinity and specificity targeting the small molecule antigens. Rabbits could generate strong immune response of small molecule antigens. We have developed a unique rabbit antibody production platform utilizing our unparalleled expertise in phage display antibody library technology. In addition, Creative Biolabs has a collection of immunized rabbit antibody libraries in-house.

Anti-hapten antibodies are essential for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of human health. They enable the detection of small molecules with a series of immune assays, such as ELISA and IHC. They could be generated against both endogenous and exogenous small molecules, including amino acid metabolites, lipids, nucleotides, drugs, pesticide residues, etc. In addition, the particular PTM modified small peptide is also widely used as a hapten immunogen with appropriate carrier proteins for post-translational modification specific antibody generation.

For example, carbohydrate is essential in many aspects of biological studies, such as cell-cell adhesion interactions; analyzing the viral, hormone and toxin receptor; and the protein glycosylation. However, the response to carbohydrate antigens is T cell independent, which is hard to develop the corresponding antibodies. In order to solve this problem, Creative Biolabs developed an effective protein conjugation strategy to produce polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for carbohydrate antigens. We could map the closely related oligosaccharides to determine which area of the saccharides interacts with the antibody. Therefore, the cross binding could be avoided with similar structures.

Creative Biolabs has also developed an in vitro antibody construction system which expands the range of the targets so that they won’t be limited by the immune system. Theoretically, this system can generate highly specific binders to any targets, which also include a series of novel targets, such as the highly conserved targets and the toxic targets.

Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized custom antibody services provider. Our Ph.D. level experts have rich knowledge and extensive experience in generating antibodies against small molecules. Our scientists are confident in providing one-stop service from target preparation, experiment design to antibody affinity maturation to fit your specific demands.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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