Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery Using Camel Phage Display Immune Library

With years of experience and professional scientific team, Creative Biolabs proudly introduces our world-leading anti-membrane protein antibody discovery service using phage display immune library in camel.

Membrane proteins, such as GPCRs and ion channels, have been gaining increasing research attention in recent years. They represent one major drug targets of more than 50% modern drugs due to their irreplaceable roles in physiological activities. Dysfunction of key membrane proteins can be highly relevant to almost diverse diseases, such as cancers and infections. In contrast to small molecular drugs, monoclonal antibodies exhibit many unique advantages, e.g. higher affinity, higher specificity, longer lasting time in blood and lower cytotoxicity, etc. However, to develop mAb drugs can be very challenging, especially against membrane proteins. As is known, membrane proteins are hard to obtain due to their complicated structures, large transmembrane hydrophobic domains, and complex function profiles. On the other hand, how to generate good binders with desired functional profile is also of great significance. In order to address these challenges, Creative Biolabs has built a versatile Magic™ anti-membrane protein antibody discovery platforms, based on which we have successfully delivered many superior mAbs against membrane targets in a robust and reliable way.

Antibodies derived from camelids are a unique type of antibodies that consist of heavy chains only (without light chains). The N terminal variable region of the heavy chain (VHH) is capable of antigen binding. Compared to antigen-binding entities of classical antibodies, camel VHH offers a number of benefits in medical and biotechnological applications including but not limited to:

Incorporated with powerful phage display technique, Creative Biolabs now offers the first-class service of camel antibody development against membrane protein targets. Our one-stop service package can start from antigen design and preparation. Aided by our well-established membrane protein immunogen preparation platform, we offer flexible options (liposomes, polymers, nanodiscs, designed peptides, DNA immunization, whole cell presentation, etc.), from which we can find the best fit for every specific target. We also present versatile screening strategies, e.g. solution-sorting screening, solid phase screening, cell-based screening. Every factor and requirement from clients will be taken into consideration to ensure the optimal outcome.

Generation of nanobody using phage display from camel libraries.Fig 1 Generation of nanobody using phage display from camel libraries. (Zafra O. et al. 2011)

Creative Biolabs is specialized in tailoring superior camel anti-membrane protein antibodies using phage display approach. With numerous successful cases in anti-ion channel antibody production, anti-GPCR antibody production, and anti-transporter antibody production, we are more than glad to leverage our knowledge and technologies to address custom demands. Please feel free to contact us for more details, and we will be here for you 24/7.


  1. Zafra O, Fraile S, Gutiérrez C, et al. (2011). Monitoring biodegradative enzymes with nanobodies raised in Camelus dromedarius with mixtures of catabolic proteins. Environmental Microbiology. 13(4):960-974.

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