Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Production Using Lipoparticles

Creative Biolabs is a forward-looking research institute as well as a leading custom service provider in the field of anti-membrane protein antibody development. With years of experience and leading-edge technologies, we have established an all-round Magic™ platform for developing superior antibodies against various membrane proteins. Now, we are happy to introduce our anti-membrane protein antibody production service using lipoparticles.

Membrane proteins, including GPCRs and ion channels, represent the largest drug target family. Analysis of the human genome has given estimates of approximately 350 non-olfactory GPCRs and around 400 annotated ion channel genes. Nowadays, membrane proteins have become one primary class of therapeutic target for diverse diseases. However, discovery of anti-membrane protein antibodies is a long and arduous process. One of the major difficulty lies in antigen preparation due to their large MW, complicated structures, low natural abundance, etc. In face of this challenge, Creative Biolabs has integrated a variety of strategies to prepare membrane protein immunogens in most native, appropriate format for antibody development.

Introduction to Lipoparticles

Lipoparticles are highly purified virus-like particles (VLPs) that contain intact, native membrane proteins harvested from host cells. Based on enveloped VLP protein core, these particles can spontaneously carry host cell membrane fractions when budding off from host cells (e.g. mammalian cells). Along with this process, it becomes a perfect tool to display membrane-associated proteins with completely native conformation and orientation. In comparison to living whole cells, lipoparticles have much smaller size, increased stability and higher display density (10-100 folds). Meanwhile, in contrast to other recombinant approaches (e.g. nanodiscs, liposomes), they are detergent-free choice and support a distinctive three-dimensional conformation, which is especially important for conformational epitopes. Therefore, lipoparticles, make an ideal option for in vivo delivery and presentation of various membrane proteins.

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Production Using Lipoparticles

Membrane proteins prepare in lipoparticles have highlight advantages for anti-membrane protein antibody discovery

Empowered by leading technology platforms and talented experts in Creative Biolabs, we now offer one-stop, custom-oriented service packages from initial immunogen design & preparation to antibody discovery and engineering. Our versatile Magic™ Platform enables many flexible options, from which you can always find the best match for your particular project. As alternatives, we also provide following recombinant membrane protein preparation choices:

Over years we have successfully generated many GPCR immunogens, ion channel immunogens, transporter immunogens for our customers. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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