Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Production Using Proteoliposomes

As a world-leading custom service provider in the field of anti-membrane protein antibody development, Creative Biolabs has built an all-around Magic™ Platform for developing superior antibodies against various membrane proteins. Currently, we are happy to introduce our anti-membrane protein immunogen preparation service using proteoliposomes to our worldwide clients.

Nowadays membrane protein antibodies are becoming more and more popular in therapeutic & diagnostic areas. However, as is known, it takes a quite a long and rough way to discover and develop ideal antibody leads. This is mainly because of their, hydrophobic nature, sophisticated structure, low natural abundance, unstability, toxicity, etc., which makes membrane protein expression & purification very challenging. To overcome this difficulty and best accelerate custom projects, Creative Biolabs has integrated multiple strategies aiming at obtaining membrane proteins in most native, appropriate format for antibody development.

Introduction of Proteoliposomes

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Production Using Proteoliposomes

With a lipid bilayer structure, liposomes serve as a widely used vesicle to mimic cell membranes and carry membrane-associated molecules. Proteoliposomes form when membrane proteins are reconstituted into liposomes. Since proteoliposome can well keep membrane proteins correctly folded with their native structures, activities, and functions, it has been frequently used to study membrane protein for functionalities, binding properties, and antibody discovery. However, preparation of proteoliposomes is often a challenging task. Due to the aggregation tendency of membrane proteins, it can be difficult to obtain proteoliposomes in a stable, homogeneous state with the desired size.

Creative Biolabs has launched a powerful Magic™ membrane protein production system, incorporating multiple expression systems and reconstitution methods that offers customers diverse flexible choices. Especially, our team is very experienced in membrane protein reconstitution into liposomes from all kinds of starting materials, such as intact cells, membrane crude extracts, and membrane proteins already solubilized or reconstituted in other formats. Based on Lipid Screening Platform, comprehensive lipid screening can be performed to select the best lipid composition that does not cause unfolding, destabilization, aggregation or conformational change of the target membrane proteins. In particular, aided by our cell-free protein expression system, high-quality proteoliposomes can be made in detergent-free manner.

Features of Membrane Protein Immunogen Preparation in Liposomes

Creative Biolabs now provides one-stop, custom-oriented service packages from initial immunogen design & preparation to antibody discovery and engineering. Empowered by our versatile Magic™ Platform, we also provide following recombinant membrane protein preparation choices as alternatives:

Over years we have successfully generated many GPCR immunogens, ion channel immunogens, transporter immunogens for our customers Please feel free to contact us for more information.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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