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Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive platform for antibody discovery and development. Relying on the remarkable academic team and profound expertise, Creative Biolabs has established custom anti-venom antibody development service that can meet our global clients’ specific requirements.

Venoms are a complex mixture of substances, mainly proteins, which can lead high mortality because of complications. Antivenin immune therapy is an effective method against venom, particularly from snakes and scorpions. Until now, the major therapeutic drugs against venom come from horse-derived hyperimmune antivenin. Unfortunately, such antivenin may cause a series of severe side effects due to the heterogeneity and the high degree of immunogenicity. The efficacy of conventional antivenin in neutralizing most of the toxic properties of the venom, including their lethality, has been improved by the introduction of modifications in production protocols. However, the high cost of generating therapeutic horse sera and detrimental side effects limit the development of anti-venom antibodies.

In order to solve the unfavorable problems and get high-quality anti-venom antibodies. Creative Biolabs optimized the protocol of generating antivenin to reduce the costs and side effects. Meanwhile, Creative Biolabs has developed a standard pipeline for the generation of recombinant antibodies and smaller functional unit antibodies, such as single domain antibodies (sdAbs) and single-chain antibodies (scFvs), with better properties in terms of homogeneity, specific activity and safety. sdAbs, with a molecular weight of only 12-15 kDa, can be obtained by immunizing Camelidae with the desired antigen and subsequent isolation of the mRNA coding for heavy-chain antibodies. The smaller size and single domain make these antibody fragments easier for bulk production and have the characteristics of high affinity and stability. scFv is a small protein with favorable tissue penetration and specific antigen-binding ability. Hence, scFvs also are more promising for the development of specific diagnostic agents for the rapid envenomation diagnosis. More than that, in our standard protocol, we use the technology of phage surface display to rapidly select specific antibodies. At minimal expense or time, antibodies are easier to fit the criteria more readily than traditional hybridoma.

The Basic process of anti-venom antibody developmentFig.1 The Basic process of anti-venom antibody development.

The Advantages of Custom Anti-Venom Antibody Discovery and Development Service:

Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of anti-venom antibody development. Our service can be tailor-designed to meet your specific needs. Once receive your inquiry, our experts with expertise and rich experience will communicate with you about the details as soon as possible. We promise that you will enjoy the whole service that will save your time, reduce your costs and achieve satisfactory results. If you are interested in our anti-venom antibody discovery and development service, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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