Antibody Production by Subtractive Immunization

Based on the advanced platform and professional scientists, Creative Biolabs now can provide subtractive immunization service for our customers all over the world. As a novel immunization strategy, subtractive immunization can provide the possible solutions for the specific requirement in your projects.

Introduction of Subtractive Immunization

Subtractive immunization is a method of targeting the antigenic determinant by altering the immune system response mechanism directly and preventing the immune system from excluding or inactivating the humoral immune system response to non-target antigens. Compared with the conventional immunization strategy, subtractive immunization provides a powerful alternative that allows producing truly unique antibodies. Subtractive immunization is a special method of differentiated immunization used for the preparation of antibodies when the antigen components are complicated, unclear or cannot be extracted and purified, rare or poorly immunogenic, and similar in sequence or structure to some other proteins.

Mechanism of Subtractive Immunization

The mechanism of subtractive immunization is that the lymphocytes will proliferate when antigens induce the immune response in animals. In the procedures of subtractive immunization, the lymphocytes in split phase can be selectively killed by the drug-containing alkyls such as cyclophosphamide. In this case, when we inject the same antigen into the animal after the first immunization, the immunoreaction to this antigen is suppressed. It means that the subtractive immunization can effectively produce the antibodies against the target antigen but inhibit the production of the antibodies against the non-objective antigens. By the way, the fusion rates of hybridoma cells are not influenced.

Subtractive Immunization Protocol

The subtractive immunization protocol can be organized in two main steps: tolerization and immunization. In general, the tolerization of the host animal can be achieved through one of three methods: high zone tolerization, neonatal tolerization, or drug-induced tolerization. Firstly, two samples of antigens mixture with the similar components should be prepared as sample A and sample B. There is target antigen in sample A, but no target antigen in sample B. Secondly, several cycles of tolerization can be performed via the tolerizing injections consisted of sample B. Thirdly, the animals are further immunized with sample A. In this way, the immunoreaction of the common components of antigens is suppressed. Finally, we can obtain the specific monoclonal antibodies against the target antigen.

Subtractive immunization timetable.Fig.1 Subtractive immunization timetable.

Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of antibody production via varies of immunization strategies. In order to solve the immunization problems, now we have built the subtractive immunization platform to meet our clients’ special demands precisely. We are pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service and the most qualified products for our customers. If you are interested in our subtractive immunization service, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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