B-Cell Sorting Platform

To discover unique antibodies in a short-period for our worldwide clients, Creative Biolabs currently has pushed out a high-throughput B cell sorting platform, which is able to not only screen a large numbers of B-cells from humans or immunized animals but also identify rare antibodies with the biological activity of interest and favorable manufacturing properties. B cell sorting platform is a state-of-the-art platform in developing native monoclonal antibodies including single B cell screening, cloning and in vitro expression, which makes positive contribution to discovering and developing next-generation antibody therapies in the aim of solving health problems worldwide.

A General Introduction of B Cell Sorting Platform

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have well established their valuable roles as biomolecules in immunology and have widespread applications in prognosis, diagnosis, and therapeutics in various diseases including cancer, autoimmunity, metabolic and infectious diseases. Here, we describe the novel B cell sorting platform, which is capable of the high-throughput screening and generation of fully human mAbs or natural mAbs of different species in a short period. This platform entails the isolation of B cells from human peripheral blood or immunized animal spleen such as mouse, rabbit or other animals and adopts deep sequencing and single B cell analysis technology to enable the development of potential optimized antibody candidates. The workflow of antibody discovery involves variations on immunization, isolation of B-cells, cloning of single cells, and expression of antibody. We present a technique to screen millions of B cells for natively paired human antibody repertoires. Libraries of natively paired, variable region heavy and light (VH:VL) amplicons in vitro expression such as a yeast display platform that is optimized for human Fab surface expression.

B-Cell Sorting Platform Fig.1 A brief workflow of antibody discovery from human peripheral blood based on B cell sorting platform.

Diverse Strategies for Single B Cell Sorting

The single plasma cell interrogation platform uses single cell-based screening of entire antibody-secreting B cell populations along with next-generation sequencing to retrieve native antibodies with extremely high in vivo specificity and affinity. During the native antibody development, the isolation and separation of single cells are the main technically challenging tasks. The yield and quality or in other words the integrity and purity of the cells as well as the throughput and the sensitivity of single cell isolation methods should be considered.

Today, a large variety of technologies for single-cell separation, isolation, and sorting are already available which mainly include: FACS (fluorescent activated cell sorting)LCM (laser-capture microdissection), microengraving, and droplet microfluidics.

B-Cell Sorting Platform Fig.2 Strategies for single B cell sorting platform.

Key Features of B Cell Sorting Platform

Creative Biolabs is specialized in antibody discovery and development and harbors extensive experience in antibody generation using our comprehensive platform. We leverage the leading single-B-cell functional antibody discovery technology to develop native antibodies. Based on vast experience and solid technical strength, we currently provide a most comprehensive portfolio of antibodies. We will accelerate the development and potential application of this particular antibody drug discovery approach.

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