Bicyclic Peptide Discovery Services

Bicyclic peptides have been developed as potential therapeutics against a wide range of diseases, drug targeting agents, diagnostic probes, and research tools. As a pioneer and undisputed global leader in applying phage display technology, Creative Biolabs has developed a cutting-edge phage display platform to provide various excellent biopanning strategies for different purposes. Our scientists have employed a powerful strategy to isolate bicyclic peptides from different formats of combinatorial libraries by phage display. We are pleased to tailor the most appropriate strategies for bicyclic peptides identification to satisfy demands of our customers.

The Background of Bicyclic Peptides

With improved proteolytic stability and high affinity compared to macrocyclic peptides, the two rings are allowed to be functional independently of each other, e.g., one ring for target binding while the other for cellular entry. In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the discovery and applications of bicyclic peptide ligands against enzymes, receptors, and other targets by several powerful combinatorial library technologies. It is now feasible to develop bicyclic peptides with antibody-like affinity and specificity which makes them an attractive modality for the development of research reagents and therapeutics. Additional properties, including better cell and tissue penetration, greater metabolic stability, and lower cost of production, make them more attractive. Bicyclic peptides have been developed against a range of diverse target classes including enzymes, receptors, and cytokines. Most bicyclic peptide ligands have nanomolar affinities, some picomolar affinities. With the advent of phage display, it has become possible to generate cyclic peptide binders to diverse protein targets. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and new sequence alignment tools have enabled the rapid identification of bicyclic peptides.

Bicyclic Peptide Discovery ServicesFig.1 Chemical structure and 3D structural model of the bicyclic peptide PK15 isolated against plasma kallikrein (Deyle et al. 2017).

Bicyclic Peptide Discovery Service in Creative Biolabs

Combining phage display technology and NGS technology, Creative Biolabs can provide high-quality phage display library construction and custom phage display library screening services to meet our clients’ demands precisely. Based on this advanced platform, Creative Biolabs has developed a powerful strategy to isolate bicyclic peptides from combinatorial libraries by phage display. There are different formats (e.g., CX6CX6C or XCX4CX4CX, C=cysteine, X=any random amino acid) of large combinatorial peptide libraries (up to 1011) can be constructed to meet our clients’ different demands. Targets will be screened against combinatorial peptide libraries, and the final enriched sublibrary will be sequenced by NGS. All the good bicyclic peptides binders in the enriched sublibrary can be identified.

Key Advantages of Bicyclic Peptide Discovery Service:

In terms of years of experience in phage display realm, Creative Biolabs utilizes its advanced phage display platform and specialized expertise to serve our global clients with high-quality library screening services. We can provide the best service of bicyclic peptides discovery from combinatorial libraries by phage display at the most competitive cost.

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  1. Deyle, K.; et al. Phage Selection of Cyclic Peptides for Application in Research and Drug Development. Acc Chem Res. 2017, 50(8):1866-1874.

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