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Creative Biolabs develops and commercializes a full range of integrated innovative bio-fishing services that are based on phage display technology. We have extensive experience in construction of various phage display libraries, including cDNA, peptide and scFv/Fab antibody libraries. We are also professional in screening these libraries against protein, peptide, cells, special surfaces and chemicals. Affinity maturation based on sub-library construction and screening is readily available. In addition, we have built up a series of peptide, human and mouse scFv/Fab phage display libraries that all have a great diversity. We also have a camelised human single domain antibody library constructed. Furthermore, bio-manufacturing of small antibodies in bacterial systems and production of full-size humanized IgG in gene-engineered CHO cells have brought us international recognition. Our bio-fishing platform enables rapid and effective discovery and efficient production of biological molecules that can provide opportunities for therapeutics, diagnostics and targeting agents.

Introduction of Phage Display Technology

In a phage display library, a variety of peptides, small antibodies (e.g. scFv and Fab) or proteins are displayed on the surface of filamentous phage (M13, fd, and f1 strains) and lambda phages as fusion proteins with one of the coat proteins of the phage virions, while the genetic materials encoding the proteins are housed within the virion. Using a binding affinity-based process called panning (Fig. 1), a small number of phages that display proteins specifically binding to a target of interest can be rescued from a phage library that usually has a repertoire of many billions of unique displayed proteins. Finally, the proteins displayed by the selected phages can be identified by phage amplification and DNA sequencing.

Illustration of phage display cycle Fig. 1. Illustration of phage display cycle.

Categorization of Phage Display System
Phage display systems can be grouped into two classes based on the vector system.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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