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Bispecific T Cell Engager (BiTE)

With the most advanced technology and years of experience in antibody engineering field, Creative Biolabs now provides custom construction and production services for bispecific T cell engagers (BiTEs). BiTE antibodies are recombinant fusion proteins consisting of two single chain variable fragments (scFvs) of different antibodies. One of the scFvs binds to T cells via the CD3 receptor, and the other to a tumor cell via a tumor specific molecule. BiTEs are a very important class of artificial bispecific monoclonal antibodies that are investigated for the use as anti-cancer drugs. By employing variable domains with binding specificities against different surface antigens of malignant cells and linking them to a CD3-binding domain, BiTEs can potentially be engineered to target a wide range of tumors.

Bispecific T cell Engager (BiTE)

Our scientists are fully aware that the construction of BiTE antibody is far more complicated than linking just two scFv fragments together.There are details have to be taken into consideration when designing the molecule, which may greatly affect the stability, specificity and homogeneity. The orientation of VH and VL as well as the linkers (between the two scFvs or inside each scFv) may greatly affect the stability, expression level and binding ability of BiTEs. In some cases, only one of these forms can produce functional molecules. Therefore, it is suggested that pre-experiment is necessary by changing the orientation of VH-VL, expressing in small scale and testing the activity before scale-up production.

BiTE therapeutics are currently being evaluated in hematologic and solid tumor malignancies. Several BiTE programs have entered the clinic and published results from these programs show evidence of clinical remissions . Based on our investigations on dozens of BiTE molecules in pre-clinical and clinical trials, scientists from Creative Biolabs are pleased to work on your project for the discovery of new BiTE antibodies for cancer therapy. We have designed a specific linker to connect the two scFvs, the length and anmio acid sequence of which will be carefully designed for better stability, long half-life and low immunogenicity in humans.

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