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BsAbs for Payload Delivery

As an excellent supplier in antibody field, Creative Biolabs designs and generates high quality bispecific antibody (BsAb) products. Scientists from Creative Biolabs are dedicated to provide custom high quality BsAbs for payload delivery.

The bispecificity of BsAb endows BsAb with the ability to bring together two different targets. Besides immune cell recruitment, receptor signaling interference, and forced protein association, BsAbs can also be applied to payload delivery. The payload can be drugs, radiolabels or other small molecules. BsAb-mediated payload delivery ensures high specificity and sensitivity in imaging and shows encouraging therapeutic effects in cancer treatment and is rapidly developed for pretargeting in radioimmunodetection and radioimmunotherapy.

Hapten-binding BsAbs for targeted payload delivery.

Figure 1. Hapten-binding BsAbs for targeted payload delivery. Part A shows the Dig-coupled flourophore complexed with bsAbs which target tumor-associated cell surface antigens accumulate the payload at the tumors. Part B shows the Hapten-coupled nucleic acids (Dig-payload) enable to be coupled to bsAbs and delivered to and into target cells. (Dengl, S., 2016)

Pretargeting Method

As tumor cells are “self” cells, the fundamental challenge for radioimmunodetection is to achieve a high signal over adjacent normal tissues (high image resolution), and for radioimmunotherapy is to ensure the sufficient delivery of the drug while sparing normal tissues from undesirable toxicity. The pretargeting method, which separates the localization of tumor by specific antibody from the subsequent delivery of the imaging or therapeutic radionuclide, is designed to solve these problems. BsAbs can bind two different targets sequentially and can be entirely humanized which reduces the immunogenicity, and is widely used in pretargeting settings. What’s more, unlike 3-step method, BsAb-mediated payload delivery does not require the application of blood-clearing agents as BsAbs can naturally clear from blood quickly. The designed cold BsAb which binds both target antigen and the payload is first supplied to localize the target. Then a certain amount of time is allowed for the clearance of extra free BsAbs before the application of the payload.

Creative Biolabs offers custom design, engineering, manufacture, and analysis services for various kinds of bispecific antibodies. Our BsAb research team is professional and experienced and will provide customers with high-quality BsAbs for payload delivery.


1. Dengl, S.; et al. Engineered hapten‐binding antibody derivatives for modulation of pharmacokinetic properties of small molecules and targeted payload delivery. Immunological reviews. 2016, 270(1): 165-177.
2. Goldenberg, D. M.; et al. Multifunctional antibodies by the Dock-and-Lock method for improved cancer imaging and therapy by pretargeting. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2008, 49(1): 158-163.

Our products and services are for research use only, and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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