Calcitonin Receptor Family

The calcitonin receptor family consists of two receptors: the calcitonin receptor (CTR or CALCR) and the calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor (CGRPR). CTR binds calcitonin, which is a polypeptide hormone capable of decreasing blood calcium, while CGRPR binds calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), which is a potent vasodilator responsible for the stimulation of the glomerular filtration rate. CTRs are highly expressed on osteoclasts and are important therapeutic targets for treatment of bone disorders. Besides, they are also expressed on other cell surfaces and are implicated in different diseases. CGRPRs are derived from calcitonin receptor-like receptor (CLR), whose phenotype is determined by coexpression with receptor activity-modifying protein (RAMP). CGRPRs are reported to be implicated in different cardiovascular diseases and migraine. Both CLR and CTR are seven-transmembrane-domain G protein-coupled receptors.

Here, we give an introduction of these two calcitonin receptor members regarding their distribution, structure, basic information, functions, their implication in different diseases, etc. Moreover, we present the recent research advances of these two receptors regarding their molecular mechanisms and drug development.

Human Calcitonin Receptor Members

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Calcitonin Receptor Family

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