Calcium-activated Chloride Channel Family

Chloride (Cl) channels are membrane proteins, in charge of the passive flow of Cl into and out of cells. The calcium (Ca2+)-activated chloride channels (CaCCs), also known as calcium-dependent chloride channel (Ca-ClC), are heterogeneous groups of ligand-gated ion channels for chloride. CaCCs are increasingly attracting more attention lately, as anion-selective channels that are stimulated by increases in cytosolic Ca2+. Although anoctamin-1(ANO1)/TMEM16A and anoctamin-2(ANO2)/TMEM16B as CaCCs were first identified in 2008, subsequently they have been detected in vascular endothelial cells, epithelial cells, neurons, as well as in smooth and cardiac muscle cells. In line with their widespread expression, it is reported that CaCCs participate in varieties of physiologic processes including the excitability of neurons and muscle cells, oocyte fertilization, olfactory transduction, and repolarization and action potential duration in cardiac myocytes. Within the airways, these proteins are believed to contribute to transepithelial fluid secretion.

CLCA, a family of proteins of which has been proposed to mediate the current of CaCCs, form a multigene family with several isoforms. Here shows part of the family members in humans as bellows. A recent model displayed that CLCA proteins are synthesized as 125-KD precursor proteins containing five transmembrane domains, which later is cleaved into a 90-KD NH2-terminal fragment with membrane-spanning domains 1-3 and a COOH-terminal 38-KD fragment with two transmembrane domains.

Human CLCA Family Members

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Magic™ membrane protein production platform – Creative Biolabs

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