End-to-end CAR Hybrid TCR-T Cell Therapy Development

Our CHyT-T cell therapy development platform enables powering T cells for cancer cures. We can accommodate the properties of your project and propose the most appropriate solution to engineer T cell to be a promising cellular therapy product with the complete TCR complex without HLA matching dependence.

As a global contract research organization, Creative Biolabs worked on a wide range of drug discovery and development services for various disease types. We utilize unrivaled, proprietary drug design, study data, product candidate, advanced project lifecycle management, as well as real-time data to ensure the ideal outcomes.

Our CHyT Technology

Now our scientists established a superior platform to develop a novel engineered T cell therapy – CHyT-T cell therapy which is designed to incorporate the best features of TCR-T and CAR-T cell therapies, and more importantly, it overcomes the limitations of TCR-T and CAR-T. By conjugating the specific tumor antigen to the TCR complex via high-affinity scFv which can recognize the antigens on tumor cells without HLA dependence, the CHyT construct can engage the complete TCR machinery to drive fully T cell activation which is required for potent, modulated and durable tumor attack.

Our End-to-end Solutions

Biomarker Identification and Selection
  • De novo discovery of potential cancer biomarkers by multiple gene and protein analysis technologies;
  • Selection of the most suitable T cell therapy targets with greater potency and lower toxicity.
scFv Generation
  • In-house inescapable antibody sequence data base;
  • A collection of over 6000 antibody products;
  • Antibody discovery by hybridomas, mouse, rabbit and human library;
  • ScFv sequencing and NGS of hybridomas or phage library;
  • ScFv affinity measurement and optimization.
CHyT Design and Construction
  • Design and construction of CHyT;
  • Customized lentiviral or retroviral CHyT construction.
Virus Packaging & CHyT Gene Delivery
  • High titer transduction-ready pseudoviral particles produced by our cell manufacture platform
  • GMP virus manufacturing for clinical trials and applications
  • Strict quality control
  • Various transfection technology available
  • Transfection method tailored for different cell types
CHyT -T In Vitro Validation Assays
  • CHyT and CHyT-T cell characterization;
  • Cytokine release and cytotoxicity assay;
  • Other assays…
CHyT-T Preclinical In Vivo Assays
  • Construction of Xenograft or humanized animal model;
  • Efficacy test of CHyT-T cells;
  • Viability and bio-distribution study of CHyT-T cells;
  • Toxicity evaluation of CHyT-T cells;
  • GLP-compliant assays.

Final Promising CHyT-T Cell Therapy Product Candidate

Strong intellectual property; Advanced cutting-edge technologies; Global strategic partnerships

Through our full spectrum of early discovery, nonclinical and commercialization services, Creative Biolabs is committed to developing the most promising CHyT-T cell therapy product candidate for our clients.

Moving T Cell Therapy Beyond the Limits Existing in CAR-T and TCR-T Cell Therapy

  • Enhanced and Safe Signaling
  • Without HLA Dependence
  • Efficient Metabolism
  • Versatile Approach

Creative Biolabs is passionate about offering the valuable solutions to develop a promising cellular therapy candidate for our clients. Our goal is to promote novel T cell therapies to clinical trials for a wide range of hematologic cancers and solid tumors. We are building a team of talented and motivated scientists and technicians to pursue our commitment. If you are interested in any module of our CHyT-T cell therapy development solutions or the integrated end-to-end solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can be involved in your project.

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