CATSPERG Membrane Protein Introduction

Introduction of CATSPERG

CATSPERG is a novel single TM-spanning protein associated with CATSPER. There are at least three lines of evidence supporting CATSPERG as a component of the CATSPER complex: 1) CATSPERG copurify with CATSPER1, 2) it is colocalized with CATSPER proteins, and 3) it is undetectable in the Catsper1−/− sperm and is restored with an HA-EGFP-CATSPER1 protein in the transgenic mice. In addition, CATSPERG shares many common features with other CATSPER-related proteins. For example, all four CATSPERs (CATSPER1-4), CATSPERB, and CATSPERG are expressed exclusively in testis; the proteins are strikingly localized to the sperm principal piece, consistent with the detection of functional ionic currents and Ca2+ influx mediated by the CATSPER channels in the same sperm subcellular region. Furthermore, they are all found in the same unique set of animals but not in D. melanogaster and C. elegans. Like many other fertilization-specific proteins, the CATSPER-related ones between human and mouse have a much lower sequence identity (∼55%) than those most other proteins.

Basic Information of CATSPERG
Protein Name Cation channel sperm-associated protein subunit gamma
Aliases None
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)
UniProt ID Q6ZRH7
Transmembrane Times 1
Length (aa) 1159

Function of CATSPERG Membrane Protein

CATSPERG is predicted to be a single transmembrane-spanning protein with a large extracellular domain and a short intracellular tail. Like all the CATSPERs and the previously identified CATSPER-associated protein CATSPERB, CATSPERG is only expressed in testis and is localized in the sperm principal piece. In CATSPER1-deficient sperm, the CATSPERG protein (but not the K+ channel protein KCNU1) is also lost. Related researches suggest that the CATSPER protein complex contains pore-forming proteins and two additional proteins (CATSPERB and CATSPERG) and that the trafficking and/or assembly of these proteins depend on CATSPER1.

CATSPERG Membrane Protein IntroductionFig.1 (A) Predicted mouse CATSPERG protein sequences. (B) Hydrophilicity plot (window size, 11). (C) A model depicting the composition of CATSPER channel complex and the putative membrane topology for CATSPERs (CATSPER1–4), CATSPERB, and CATSPERG. (Wang, 2009)

Application of CATSPERG Membrane Protein in Literature

  1. Wang H., et al. A novel, single, transmembrane protein CATSPERG is associated with CATSPER1 channel protein. Biol Reprod2009, 81(3):539-544. PubMed ID: 19516020

    This research identifies the novel single-TM protein CATSPERG which is associated with the CATSPER complex.

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  1. Wang H, et al. (2009). A novel, single, transmembrane protein CATSPERG is associated with CATSPER1 channel protein. Biol Reprod81(3), 539-544.

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