Magic™ Cell-free Protein Expression in CHO Cell Lysate

Creative Biolabs is a famous world-leading provider of cell-free protein expression service using the CHO-based system. During the past decades, scientists in our team spare no efforts to establishing multiple unparalleled membrane protein expression platforms. Particularly, we have accumulated vast experience in using cell-free protein expression machinery and achieved remarkable success with various challenging targets, including GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, etc. We are confident in providing the top-quality cell-free protein production service (CHO-based) for our global clients.

Cultivated Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are one of the dominating mammalian cell lines for the expression of complex therapeutic proteins in the market. Nearly 70% of all recombinant therapeutic protein are expressed in CHO cells. CHO cells have been approved by FDA for nearly 30 years for large-scale industrial protein production due to the fact that its high similarity of protein biochemical properties compared to the human target proteins. Consistently, recombinant proteins expressed in CHO cells often show correctly folded structures and appropriate posttranslational modifications. Nevertheless, the major bottleneck of common in vivo protein expression platforms becomes obvious when looking at the production of so-called “difficult-to-express” proteins. This class of proteins majorly consist of various transmembrane proteins, cytotoxic proteins, and degradable proteins.

In effort to solve this problem, a novel cell-free system has emerged which primarily based on translationally active cell lysates. These so-called “cell-free” protein expression systems enable more efficient generation of different classes of proteins. CHO-based cell-free system, with its superior characteristics, manifests as a valuable tool to speed up the entire process and product development timeline. CHO lysates based system proved the great potential for the production of a broad range of structurally and functionally diverse proteins, which can be extremely advantageous in following aspects:

Magic™ Cell-free Protein Expression in CHO Cell Lysate

Creative Biolabs has made a long-term commitment to developing high-quality membrane protein products to facilitate diverse, cutting-edge projects for our customers. Except for CHO cell lysate system, our protein generation expertise also covers:

Our scientists have solved numerous thorny problems aided by our well-established cell-free expression platform. We wholeheartedly welcome customers all over the world and assist them to best deliver their research goals. Please inquire us for more information.


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