Magic™ Cell-free Protein Expression in PURE System

Creative Biolabs offers world-leading cell-free protein synthesis service for membrane protein expression using the PURE system. Based on our optimized protocol, our unique PURE (Protein synthesis Using Recombinant Elements) system can facilitate high-quality membrane protein expression at very competitive price.

Cell-free protein expression has become increasingly popular during recent years due to its unique features. The majority of cell-free protein expression systems are generally derived from cell extracts, which often contain nonspecific proteases and nucleases that have negative effects on protein synthesis. In addition, such unpredictable activities may also interfere with downstream assays. Completely free from unwanted/uncharacterized cellular components, the PURE system introduces a much cleaner background. It has exhibited superior performance in many in vitro applications, such as incorporation of unnatural amino acids, ribosome display, and mRNA display. With the minimal composition of factors necessary for protein translation, it is basically free of cellular factors and chaperones for post-translational modifications, thus providing a baseline to study the involvement of these factors in nascent chain folding and transcription/translation regulation. So it’s often used to produce the so-called “clean” proteins that are free of modifications or bound co-factors. Moreover, the simple format of the PURE system is also well compatible with high-throughput platforms for proteomics and functional genomics studies.

Components for PURE system (Creation of Physiologically Active Proteins Using In Vitro Protein Synthesis System, 2010) Figure 1. Components for PURE system (Creation of Physiologically Active Proteins Using In Vitro Protein Synthesis System, 2010)

Distinct from the “black box” nature of alternative systems, the PURE system offers a more controllable, robust and convenient approach and significantly reduces all contaminating activities. Its features/applications can be characterized as below:

Creative Biolabs is a long-term pioneer as well as a leading service provider in the field of membrane protein research. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of cell-free systems in addition to PURE:

We are always ready to share with customers our professional knowledge, and support their projects with high-quality, all-round services. It is our promise to do our utmost to meet all custom demands and expectations. Please feel free to inquire us for more information.


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