Cell-selective Peptides Discovery Service

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms in next-generation sequencing and professional scientific staff in phage display, Creative Biolabs has developed a new analysis strategy to discover peptides that target a specific cell type and avoid other cell types. We are pleased to provide this high-quality service of cell-selective peptides identification for all of our global customers.

Phage Display Technology for Peptides Identification

The versatility of phage display technologies has made it an important tool in the identification of molecularly targeted affinity agents for imaging, targeted drug therapy, and biosensor applications. Phage display shows numbers of important advantages in identifying targeted peptides. In the biopanning, non-bound phages are washed away while the bound phages are eluted off and then amplified in the host. The selected peptides could be individually determined by Sanger sequencing. However, traditional screening protocols are hampered by laborious experiment procedures and the high false positive rates. Software programs have been developed to assist in the analysis of peptides, but they are limited to only interpret the small-scale results of traditional phage display. The deeper characterization is realized by the advent of next-generation sequencing technology. It improves the selection of peptide binders by identifying low abundant clones and quantifying the enrichment of clones without many rounds of panning. Additionally, many analytic methods and software have been developed for processing the data. While these tools provide valuable insight into the specificity and affinity of peptides, they do not address selectivity. However, for targeted drug delivery and molecular imaging, it is necessary to find peptides that are selective targeting certain the cell type or tissue of interest.

Cell-selective Peptides Discovery ServiceFig.1 Peptide signatures of various cells and tissues (Brinton et al. 2016).

Cell-selective Peptides Discovery in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has developed an effective strategy and corresponding software that rapidly generates highly specific and selective peptides. Our strategy consists of independent positive and negative screening, data normalization, sorting by the ratio of average normalized frequency, and selection of peptides with the highest affinity. This efficient strategy avoids non-specific rapid amplifiers, or parasitic phage, and does not require a priori knowledge of a target receptor. There are two steps involved in our selectivity analysis. The first step allows the importation of sequences, extracting the portion of DNA corresponding to the displayed peptides, translating the sequences into amino acids, and calculating the frequency. The second step generates a matrix, where each row is a unique peptide sequence and each column is a positive or negative screening. The comprehensive data generated from the analysis greatly assists the identification of peptides with high specificity.

Key Advantages

Enriched experience associated with state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experiences. We are pleased to share our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in cell-selective peptides discovery to facilitate our clients’ research and project development. We can offer high-quality customized services by adjusting protocols to meet even the most specific requirements.

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  1. Brinton, L.T.; et al. PHASTpep: Analysis software for discovery of cell-selective peptides via phage display and next-generation sequencing. PLoS One. 2016, 11(5):e0155244.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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