Chemical Modification of Proteins

Chemical modification of protein has been an important tool for creating therapeutic conjugates and generating novel protein constructs. Creative Biolabs has rich experience in protein chemical modifications. Our scientists are confident in providing the best chemical modification services to meet our customer’s special demands.

Introduction of chemical modification of proteins

Protein modification is a powerful and interesting tool in chemical biology. It commonly exists in the natural system, increasing the diversity of protein structure and functions. In nature, various post-translational covalent modifications enable the regulation of interactions with other proteins and small molecules, then influence or modulate their properties and functions as well as protein activities. However, naturally modified proteins are limited availability due to the complex analysis. Chemical modification of protein is a unique technique of chemically modifying the proteins and resolves issues of homogeneity and availability. It uses a series of reactions to modify the various proteins of interest. Moreover, chemical modification of protein has been widely used for unnatural alterations for proteins with desired function. These proteins have potentials as therapeutic drugs and been proven invaluable in related diseases.

The necessity of chemical modification of proteins

There have developed many techniques for chemical modification of proteins, such as site-selective chemical modification and cysteine modification. These techniques enable artificial chemical modification of proteins, therefore become more and more attractive. They also allow for a more thorough understanding of molecular mechanisms. Up to now, chemical modification of proteins remains a challenge, but it is worthwhile to develop various chemical modification techniques. Chemical modification of proteins has many useful applications, such as protein PEGylation, small molecule target identification, protein microarrays, bioconjugation.

Creative Biolabs is highly specialized in protein engineering, we provide a variety of methods for chemical modification of proteins and the most appropriate strategies for the analysis of modification.

Advanced techniques

Chemical Modification of Proteins
Fig.1 Chemical modifications at cysteine. (a) Aminoethylation, (b) iodoacetamides, (c) maleimides, (d) Dha formation,(e) disulfide formation, (f) reaction of Dha with thiols, (g) desulfurization of disulfides (Spicer et al. 2014).

Scientists of Creative Biolabs have understanding of various protein engineering and chemical modification of proteins. With the years of professional experience, we are confident to modify the proteins to have desired properties based on customers’ different demands. These chemical modifications of proteins could change their properties drastically, leading to improved activities.

In conclusion, Creative Biolabs can provide specialized chemical modification of protein services. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an inquiry.


  1. Spicer CD.; Davis BG. Selective chemical protein modification. Nat Commun. 2014.

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