Cholecystokinin Receptor Family

Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a peptide gastrointestinal hormone responsible for stimulating the digestion of fat and protein. This CCK peptide hormone exerts its biological functions by interacting with membrane G protein-coupled receptors named Cholecystokinin receptors (CCKRs) located on multiple cellular targets in the central nervous system and peripheral organs. Currently, two types of CCKRs have been identified on a pharmacological basis: CCKAR and CCKBR. CCKARs are predominantly in the peripheral alimentary system and more fundamentally convey digestive tract-mediated CCK satiety signaling, while CCKBRs are predominantly brain receptors which mediate CCK signals that are involved with memory, cognition, anti-analgesia, and anxiety. Studies have reported the implication of these CCK receptors in different human diseases, such as cancers in peripheral organs and different psychiatric disorders.

The variety of physiological functions that can be regulated through the CCK receptors and their potential use as targets for the treatment of several human diseases have stimulated searches for specific, potent agonists and antagonists of these receptors, such as A-71623 and devazepide, respectively. Lots of effort have been made to establish the importance and relevance of these receptors to human physiology and pathophysiology. Here, we give an introduction of these two subtypes of human CCK receptors and the recent publications.

Human Cholecystokinin Receptor Members

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Cholecystokinin Receptor Family

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