Choline Transporter-Like Protein (Solute Carrier Family 44)

The solute carrier family 44 (SLC44) of choline transporter-like protein is associated with the Na+-independent, high-affinity choline carrier system, which is proposed to supply choline for the synthesis of cell membrane phospholipids.

Phylogenetic tree and structural model of SLC44 family members in human. Fig.1 Phylogenetic tree and structural model of SLC44 family members in human. (Traiffort, 2013)

The SLC44 family of transporters represents an attractive and promising target for therapeutic and diagnostic applications of immune and degenerative diseases. SLC44A1 is widely expressed in the entire nervous system of both neurons and oligodendrocytes, whereas SLC44A2-4 are mainly detected in peripheral tissues. By developing specific antibodies, the subcellular localization of the proteins is addressed primarily for SLC44A1. SLC44A1 is detected in the plasma and mitochondrial membranes in which proteins are capable of transporting choline in a high affinity and Na+-independent manner. The physiological relevance of SLC44A1 as a choline carrier is indicated by its possible involvement in membrane synthesis for cell growth or repair and its role in the production of pulmonary surfactants in phospholipid production. Blockade of SLC44A2 function is associated with autoimmune diseases. SLC44A2 causes changes in hair cells in the inner ear and thus leads to autoimmune hearing loss. In an alloimmune syndrome known as transfusion-associated acute lung injury, antibodies to SLC44A2 cause deleterious aggregation of granulocytes.

Here, we have described in detail of members of the SLC44. To learn more detailed information, please click the links below.

Human SLC44 Family Members

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  1. Traiffort E, et al. (2013). The choline transporter-like family SLC44: properties and roles in human diseases. Mol Aspects Med. 34(2-3): 646-54.

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