CreMap™ Epitope Mapping by Limited Proteolysis Coupled with Mass Spectrometry

Creative Biolabs provides epitope mapping services by using limited proteolysis coupled with the most advanced mass spectrometry equipment. The enzymes used in our platform provide highly optimized digestion conditions with the highest sequence coverage possible. Creative Biolabs is confident to find the epitope region with high accuracy and resolution.

Accurately characterizing epitopes on an antigen is a critical step for understanding the pathogenesis of an infectious material, and for the development of drugs and vaccines against toxins or enzymes. Proteolytic fragmentation has been used for mapping protein epitopes of antigens and proteolytic cleavage of antigen-antibody complexes provides a simple, cost-effective and straightforward approach to characterize a linear epitope. Proteins are cleaved by enzymes with different restriction sites to generate overlapping peptides. These peptides are then separated and identified by Mass Spectrometry (MS). The application of MS to characterize peptides and proteins has become a versatile and powerful method to precisely determine a soluble antigen’s partial structure (epitope) which interacts with the antibody. By comparing free antigen and antigen-antibody complex, a linear epitope on the antigen can be accurately mapped in a short time. Over the years this method has been established as a reliable source of data for both research and therapeutic purposes.

Scheme of the epitope mapping method by limited proteolysis.
Fig.1 Scheme of the epitope mapping method by limited proteolysis.


Key Features

Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience to offer epitope mapping services. Our experienced scientists will assist you in designing the research program that best suits your purpose and advances your research. If you are now trying to figure out epitopes on an antigen, or if you are interested in our platform, please contact us. A formal feedback will be sent back as soon as possible. We are always more than ready to reach out.


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