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CreMap™ Epitope Mapping by Peptide Microarray

With extensive experiences in the field of epitope mapping, Creative Biolabs offers a unique CreMap™ peptide/protein microarrays service for our clients to screen and detect the potent epitopes of a target protein. A peptide library is constructed by synthesizing the oligopeptide sequences from overlapping and non-overlapping segments of a target protein. And the ability to bind the corresponding antibody of interest is tested. This method is especially suited to profiling epitopes of a defined protein for candidate antibodies in a high-throughput way. It is quick, cost-effective and will be an excellent option for the case of small amounts of your precious samples.

A peptide/protein microarray, also commonly known as peptide/protein chip, goes by displaying the target peptides on a solid surface (often a glass or plastic chip). This platform delivers a full compatibility of the chips based on overlapping peptide libraries (or non-overlapping peptide libraries) of your target protein or your target proteins by utilizing a flexible peptide synthesis technology. There is a variety of peptide libraries for a target protein and the construction of a peptide library could be obtained by different approaches. The overlapping peptide library is the most commonly used and other libraries are also available at Creative Biolabs, including truncation library, alanine scan library, random library, positional scan library and scrambled library. Basically, the microarrays epitope mapping analysis involves the following major steps, which are the synthesis of a peptide library, then binding analysis, followed by bioinformatics-based data analysis, and constructing initial results. In addition, our unique technology ensures greater reproducibility of this assay, and reduces background signal and improves assay performance in sensitivity, dynamic range, and variance.

Principle of microarray technology.
Fig.1 Principle of microarray technology.

Compared with ELISA or other ligand binding assays, our CreMap™ peptide/protein microarray platform features a competitive price and high-throughput assays. It can detect thousands of interactions in a single run and enables higher sensitivity with lower cost and allows customized plate chips by providing different forms and shapes (e.g. direct assays, sandwich assays, bridging assays). Furthermore, your established assay protocols can be easily transferred to our service platform by supplying microliter amounts sample of your protein/antibodies/sera.

Applications of CreMap™ Peptide/Protein Microarray Service

Ordering Process of Our CreMap™ Peptide/Protein Microarray Service

CreMap™ Epitope Mapping by Peptide Microarray

Based on our CreMap™ technical platform, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing high-class epitope mapping service by using peptide microarray. If you are now trying to figure out epitopes on an antigen, or if you are interested in our platform, please contact us. A formal feedback will be sent back as soon as possible

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