CreMap™ T Cell Epitope Discovery Service

T cells recognize linear amino acid sequences (or epitopes) derived from protein processed and presented in the context of self-major histocompatibility complex (MHC) protein. The aim of T cell epitope mapping is to identify the shortest amino acid sequence of a specific antigen recognized by CD4+ helper T cells or CD8+ cytotoxic T cells. In human beings, MHC class I molecules residing on most nucleated somatic cells present peptides to CD8+ T cells, while MHC class II molecules sitting on the professional antigen-presenting cells especially present peptides to CD4+ T cells.

Epitopes presented by MHC molecules are slightly different in length. MHC class I molecules typically present peptides for 8 to 11 amino acids, whereas MHC class II molecules present longer ones for 13-17 amino acids. T cell epitopes presented on MHC I or MHC II molecules potentially triggers a long lasting as well as exclusive cytotoxic immune response, which is essential for immune responses of infections, diseases, cancers and other pathogens. Based on this fact, epitope mapping emerges as a robust tool for vaccine design, drug development or disease treatment (e.g. cancer treatment, autoimmune disease) by which researchers could figure out the crucial peptide fragments of some diseases and study for the further purpose.

T Cell Epitope Discovery Service
Fig 1. T-cell epitope presented by MHC II.

Combined with the advantages of various T cell epitope discovery strategies, Creative Biolabs' excellent researchers have developed the CreMap™ MHC-peptide binding assay service for T cell epitope discovery based on the multimers screening and ELISpot assay, which could meet our customers' various demands. It’s a novel technology for rapidly detecting potential T cell epitopes of proteins and validating those epitopes in weeks.

In addition, we have generated a novel CreMap™ Antigen Processing Assay to measure the antigen processing. This assay is based on analyzing the degradation activity or proteolytic activity of screened peptide or proteins. The studies conducted by our labs have demonstrated that our assay is critical to identifying the T cell epitope, understanding the potential immunogenicity of target candidates in drug development.

Our CreMap™ T cell epitope discovery platform provides highly sensitive and reproducible assay service, including high throughput assays of MHC class I or MHC class II binding peptides, antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell immune responses assays. For personalized service, our research team will customize an optimal proposal for our clients to achieve the best experimental results and simultaneously save your money and time.

Applications of Our CreMap™ T Cell Epitope Discovery Service

Based on our advanced technical platform, Creative Biolabs is confident in delivering a quick and cost-effective T cell epitope mapping analysis service for our clients. If you are interested in the details of our CreMap™ T Cell Epitope Discovery Service, please contact us for more information.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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