Design Strategies for Biocatalyst

Creative Biolabs has years of experience in providing custom protein engineering services for our global customers. With the extensive experience and professional scientists, we have developed various strategies for biocatalyst design, which will create new biocatalysts with improved or even activities and selectivities. Scientists of Creative Biolabs are confident in providing the valuable strategies for biocatalyst design, meeting the operational conditions required for industrial application and worldwide customers’ specific demands.

The limitation of natural enzymes

Enzymes are widely used in various industrial applications and processes, including the food, animal feed, textile, detergent and medical industries. More than 100 biotransformation processes have already been developed to industrial scale. However, enzymes derived from natural origins are often modified and engineered so that they can meet the requirements for industrial application, such as their stability, catalytic activity, reaction product inhibition and substrate specificity.

Introduction and importance of biocatalysts

Biocatalysts have been as important alternatives to traditional chemical catalysts because they provide attractive advantages, including their biodegradability, specificity and selectivity in substrate, ability to operate under conditions of pH and temperature, as well as their high specific activity. There has proved that protein engineering is related to the design and construction of novel enzymes with tailored functional properties. It has been used to design to the biocatalysts for targeted applications since the late 1970s. Up to date, there has developed a number of improved biocatalysts for medical and pharmaceutical applications, such as an (R)-transaminase for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of sitagliptin.

Design strategies for biocatalysts

Creative Biolabs combines our extensive expertise in protein engineering and enzyme engineering into developing the excellent design strategies for biocatalysts. We are able to provide numerous protein engineering tools and strategies for the improvement of biocatalysts or for their adaptation to novel substrates. These valuable tools include but not limited to:

With these design strategies, biocatalysts can be engineered to hold desired functional properties, such as enhanced activity, higher thermostability, better organic solvent tolerance and increased or modified substrate specificity. More importantly, our design solutions are combination of chemical, biological and bioinformatics strategies are powerful for creating enzyme or biocatalysts with catalytic activity that is not existing in nature.

Selection of the preferred approach for enzyme engineering.Fig. 1 Selection of the preferred approach for enzyme engineering.

All in all, Creative Biolabs is able to offer tailor-made design services of biocatalysts, allowing for facilitating a wide range of industrial applications. Scientists of Creative Biolabs are pleased to share our design strategies to help our customers’ meaning research and meet their specific demands.

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