Disease-specific Peptides Discovery Service

Disease-specific peptides are important factors in determining microbiological origins, studying immunotyping, and providing information for the development of diagnostic reagents and vaccines. As an undisrupted global leader in phage display technology, Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in Phage Display Library Construction and Phage Display Library Screening. Our scientists have constructed a variety of premade peptide libraries for the selection of specific peptide towards the corresponding target. We are proud to introduce this high-quality service of the discovery of disease-specific peptides to all our global customers.

Disease-specific Peptide is Urgently Needed

Disease-specific peptide molecules mimic epitopes, named mimotopes, which can provide important clues toward disease pathogenesis. Mimotopes have fewer similarities to primary amino acids of antigens and always show discontinuous sequences, but they can elicit an identical antibody response to that of the native epitope. The development of diagnostic or preventive reagents requires screening phage display peptide libraries for disease-specific mimotopes in serum with viral infections. Peptides have been selected by biopanning serum samples from patients infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and avian influenza viruses (AIV). Mimotope-based detection is suitable for broad-spectrum antibodies against avian H5N1 influenza virus and has been shown to improve serological detection of SARS and rheumatoid arthritis. Mimotopes can also be used to characterize unknown initiating events and provide clues toward disease pathogenesis. Recently, an antigen peptide mimicking alpha-2–Heremans–Schmid glycoprotein, also known as fetuin-A, was identified from serum antibodies of prostate cancer patients. Using this antigen mimic peptide, increased serum antibody reactivity to fetuin-A during disease progression in the index patient and strong serum reactivity in a large cohort of metastatic prostate cancer patients have been found.

Disease-specific Peptides Discovery ServiceFig.1 Biopanning selection of phage-displayed peptide libraries using serum samples (Wu et al. 2016).

Disease-specific Peptide Discovery in Creative Biolabs

Study of the disease-specific antigen mimics by phage display helps us to understand the etiology of diseases. Based on our powerful phage display platform, Creative Biolabs has developed diverse tailored biopanning strategies for the identification of disease-specific peptides. One of these strategies is shown as follows. (1) The phage display peptide library is precleared using normal sera. (2) Serum antibodies from patients with diseases will be used for the biopanning after preclearing. (3) After 3-4 rounds of biopanning, immunopositive phage clones are enriched. (4) Disease-specific peptides will be further identified and characterized.

Key Advantages Disease-specific Peptides Discovery Service

Enriched experience associated with state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Biolabs can offer our global clients the best phage display library screening services through our diverse tailored biopanning strategies for the identification of disease-specific peptides. Through our high-throughput screening system, the identification of disease-specific peptides could accelerate our clients’ further understanding of disease pathogenesis.

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  1. Wu, C.H.; et al. Advancement and applications of peptide phage display technology in biomedical science. J Biomed Sci. 2016, 23:8.

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