DNA Immunization-based Hybridoma Production Service

According to the extensive experience in antibody discovery and development, Creative Biolabs is proud to offer a novel DNA immunization-based hybridoma production service which integrates the high-efficient DNA immunization strategies with our Omni-Hybridoma™ technology. This novel service can specific overcome the bottleneck and expose a cost-effective solution to generate monoclonal antibody against challenging antigens (e.g. multi-pass membrane proteins, intracellular proteins, unstable proteins, etc.) or recognize the conformational epitope.

Typical Features of DNA Immunization Strategy

DNA immunization (also refers to genetic immunization) is a novel approach which can simplify the antigen preparation process while still elicit good immune responses for host animals to produce specific antibodies. As an alternative approach to the conventional immunization method, DNA immunization can deliver the interested antigen encoding gene rather than the purified antigen to the host. The transferred exogenous gene resulting in substantial antigen production in vivo by the cells of host animals. The expressed antigens are then processed and presented in the context of MHC molecules to stimulate the immune system.

Compared with the direct antigen injection method, DNA immunization is a high efficiency technique and especially valuable for the generation of high-specific antibodies against naïve target. Through straight-forward genetic delivery, the time-consuming immunogen production and purification steps, the potential risk of protein conformational change, and the degradation of unstable proteins can all be properly eliminated. According to these unique properties, genetic immunization is definitely an attractive method for antibody discovery, particularly for the research objectives that are committed to developing high-specific antibodies for in vivo application.

Production of monoclonal antibodies by the hybridoma method. After immunization, antibody-producing B-cells are fused with malignant B myeloma cells to generate immortalized hybridoma cells. The hybridoma cells are screened to identify individuals that secrete antibodies with desired specificities, and cells of interest can be amplified by clonal expansion and maintained indefinitely as cell lines that produce a unique monoclonal antibody. Fig.1 Production of monoclonal antibodies by the hybridoma method. (Michnick and Sidhu 2008)

Hybridoma Production via DNA Immunization

As one of the most reliable technologies for monoclonal antibody production, hybridoma is a well-recognized platform for the long-lasting production of large-scale monoclonal antibodies. To further improve this classical platform, Creative Biolabs has developed the Omni-Hybridoma™ technology, which is a revolutionary method ensures to select a large number of hybridoma clones after each cell fusion. This technology can effectively solve the overgrowth issue of potentially valuable clones. So far, the standard hybridoma production services at Creative Biolabs can enable our clients to discover high-quality monoclonal antibodies from a series of rodents, such as mouse, rat, hamster, and guinea pig.

Through conducting appropriate DNA immunization strategy and the improved hybridoma technology, scientists of Creative Biolabs have successfully generated a variety of monoclonal antibodies with high affinity and specificity. This integrated service is considered as a positive solution to discover antibodies against novel targets, which including but not limited to multi-pass membrane proteins (i.e. GPCRs and ion channels), intracellular proteins, secreted proteins, toxic proteins, insoluble proteins, unstable proteins, and so on.

In addition to the hybridoma technology, Creative Biolabs can also provide other feasible technologies to generate high-quality antibodies via DNA immunization, such as:


  1. Michnick, S. W. and Sidhu, S. S. (2008) 'Submitting antibodies to binding arbitration', Nature chemical biology, 4(6), 326-329.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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