Droplet Microfluidics for Single Cell Isolation

Creative Biolabs offers unique and adaptable droplet microfluidic antibody discovery technology for single antigen-special antibody secreting B-cell (ASC) screening to retrieve high-quality native mAbs with picodroplets (pL to nL). Due to physical containment and flexibility, microfluidics technology is adopted by our Native™ Antibody Discovery platform to enable faster, less costly and more effective ASCs screening for antibody discovery at the speed of millions of cells a day.

Droplet Microfluidic Technology

The novel technology makes it possible to screen tens of millions of cells with pL to nL volume aqueous droplets (picodroplets) in oil at a rate of over 100,000 per minute. By separating cells into individual picodroplets for single antigen-specific cell isolation, the systems ensure that you get a more accurate measurement of antibody secretion. In fact, the microfluidic platform can produce, manipulate, analyze, sort, fuse, split, retrieve, and dispense millions of picodroplets per biochip, which has compelling advantages for rare cell applications as well as low volumes regarding cell sample, reagents. We can apply any known virtual bioassay for measuring the functional activity of each secreted antibody.

Droplet Microfluidics for Single Cell Isolation Fig.1 Principle of Microfluidics Technology.

Creative Biolabs brings expertise and knowledge to every link of Native™ Antibody Discovery process, including immunization→cell enrichment→screening→recovery→next-generation sequencing→bioinformatics. The unique droplet microfluidic technology speeds up the process at the step of isolating activated single antibody-secreting cells in picoliter-volume chambers from various tissues including blood, bone marrow and B cell plasma, which allows secreted antibodies to be detected within hours with a variety of bead-based and cell-based assay formats. Based on binding properties and antibody function, small volume chambers mean that millions of cells can be screened. Combing with the deep technical expertise and state-of-the-art automation during cell processing and recovery, we can quickly and effectively identify rare antibodies with the desired properties.

Key Benefits of Microfluidic System

These unique features enable the fully integrated platform to become a novel and powerful solution to find antibody against complex targets. Creative Biolabs can also screen diverse targets, including soluble and complex membrane proteins from multiple species to meet your current and future needs flexibly. Combining high-throughput screening with enhanced sensitivity and flexibility, the microfluidic platform can deliver high-quality mAb therapeutic candidates with exceptional speed.

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