Creative Biolabs has over ten years of experience in Microfluidic technology and infectious disease diagnosis. Based on vast experience and solid technical strength, our focus is to exceed your expectations while providing accurate and reliable services for our global customers.

Infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, sepsis, and tuberculosis, are leading causes of mortality and morbidity in developing countries. Due to inadequacies in accessing adequate health care infrastructure, over 95% of deaths from infectious diseases are caused by a lack of proper diagnostics and treatments. Therefore, infectious diseases caused by viruses, parasites, and bacteria have been identified as the top priority in developing cost-effective diagnostic methods.

Infectious Diseases Diagnosis with Microfluidic

Microfluidic platforms enable medical solutions for infectious disease diagnosis and real-time monitoring more rapidly and accurately and analyze diverse clinical samples, including blood, oral fluid/saliva, and urine. Over the past decade, research efforts in Microfluidics have been made to develop methods that can facilitate low-cost diagnosis of infectious diseases, especially in resource-poor settings. For example, some researchers have developed a simple and mass-producible Microfluidic platform using multiplexed digital RT-PCR to quantify HIV viral load in patients' samples for HIV/AIDS diagnostic and monitorization. Besides, a Microfluidic system can be used to detect the HIV integrase gene by LAMP reaction, which also shows a positive outcome for the HIV diagnosis.

Microfluidic based diagnostics of infectious disease.Fig.1 Microfluidic based diagnostics of infectious disease. (Lee, 2010)

Advantages of Microfluidic-based Diagnostics

Microfluidic-based diagnostics have significant advantages over conventional diagnostics for detecting infectious diseases, such as cost-effectiveness, ease of use, reduced sample consumption, increased portability, and disposability. In addition, various on-chip diagnostic modules have been integrated within the same fluidic chips, providing excellent flexibility and functionality. Identifying pathogenic microorganisms using Microfluidic is also shown great promise, mostly because the sample preparation procedure is dramatically reduced. The pathogen can be directly detected, translating into increased speed and accuracy. Therefore, Microfluidics could be an extremely attractive platform for providing infectious disease diagnostics for the developing world.

Our Services for Infectious Diseases Diagnosis

Microfluidic technologies make the development of fast, sensitive, and portable diagnostic tools possible, thus promising rapid and accurate diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases. Creative Biolabs is a global provider to offer the integrated Microfluidic-based platform for infectious disease diagnosis for our global customers. Our Microfluidic technology presents itself as a flexible detection platform that can be readily adapted to specific infectious pathogen-related needs. Creative Biolabs offers custom diagnosis services for infectious diseases as follows:

With our extensive experience and advanced platforms, Creative Biolabs is confident in offering the best infectious disease diagnosis services for our customers worldwide. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


  1. Lee, W.G.; et al. Nano/Microfluidics for diagnosis of infectious diseases in developing countries. Advanced drug delivery reviews. 2010, 62(4-5), pp.449-457.

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