In recent years, several studies have demonstrated the immense value of digital diagnosis and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. With the mission of increasing access to and quality of diagnosis, Creative Biolabs could offer AI systems and digital diagnostic solutions based on specific client needs.

AI and Digital Diagnosis

AI is a field of algorithm-based applications that can simulate humans' mental processes and intellectual activity and enable machines to solve problems with knowledge. Clinical diagnoses of many acute and chronic diseases have been assisted via AI technologies (e.g., support vector machines, classification trees, and artificial neural networks). Current AI development has a diagnostic performance comparable with medical experts, especially in digital image recognition-related fields. Advances in digital imaging and rapidly digitizing diagnosis have paved the way in deep learning/machine learning algorithms, leading to potentially novel and innovative AI-based diagnostic tools.

Digital diagnosis based on AI techniques can be applied to digital images obtained from several imaging modalities (comprising CT, CAT, MRI, and MRA) to address various diagnostic problems. The digital imaging diagnosis generally consists of several steps, including image processing, image feature analysis, and data classification with screening, triage, diagnosis, and monitoring by use of AI tools. Several studies have shown minimal to no difference between a diagnosis rendered using digital images and AI tools compared to those caused via conventional microscopy.

AI and digital diagnostics.Fig.1 AI and digital diagnostics. (Serag, 2019)

Combining access to extensive knowledge, an integrative AI system consisting of multiple algorithms rather than a single algorithm substantially improves its digital diagnosis abilities. It reduces diagnostic and therapeutic errors that are inevitable in conventional human clinical practice. On the other hand, AI-assisted management systems could also help minimize logistics-associated monetary and temporal costs on a larger scale. Altogether, digital pathology-based AI tools can be disruptive to standard tests and extend the value of digital diagnosis far beyond what is possible today.

AI and Digital Diagnostics Services at Creative Biolabs

AI and digital diagnosis have the potential to deliver a paradigm shift in the diagnosis of many diseases, and thus cost-effective, remotely accessible, and accurate diagnostic solutions. Based on leading-edge facilities and profound knowledge in AI and digital diagnosis, experts at Creative Biolabs could help our customers to create AI-based digital diagnostic solutions based on specific client needs, including but not limited to:

With over a decade of experience and state-of-the-art IVD development platforms, the specialized and dedicated team in Creative Biolabs is available to provide full technical support to all of our customers. Please contact our experts to find out more about our services.


  1. Serag, A.; et al. Translational AI and deep learning in diagnostic pathology. Frontiers in Medicine. 2019, 6.

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