As COVID-19 has spread, the demand for molecular testing, serological diagnosis, and the development of in vitro rapid diagnostic products for infectious disease has exploded. Today, sophisticated technologies such as integrated microfluidics, information technology (IT), mobility, liquid biopsy, and data analytics are driving the development of robust in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions.

To fit all your needs for IVD academic research, Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive services covering a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to advance your IVD project. Our scientists have developed a series of high-performance assays and innovative solutions that maximize the biological information available from the cells, tissues, and different body fluid samples. Armed with those unique solutions, the lab tests will become much easier and less error-prone and consequently, have given birth to further personalized treatment and point of care testing (POCT) development.

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Microfluidics Technology Facilitating Early Cancer Detection

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Liquid Biopsy

Liquid Biopsy Contributes to Successful Cancer Management

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Array Technique

Innovative Assays for Multiple Analytes Detection

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Artificial Intelligence

Advancing Disease Diagnosis and Prevention

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Mobile Diagnostics

Next-generation Technologies for IVD

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Virtual Patients

Replacing Humans with Digital Simulations

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