Chemiluminescent immunoassay is a variation of the standard enzyme immunoassay (EIA), which is a biochemical technique used in immunology. They can also be used as diagnostic tools in medicine, as well as being used in several other different industries for various applications. Creative Biolabs is a world leader in the development of ELISA based kits and provides a wide range of assay kits for specific detection of disease-related proteins. Methods based on enzyme labels have been developed for chemiluminescent immunoassays in Creative Biolabs. Our professional team is optimized to help you with high-quality and cost-effective testing service to make your project a success.

How does it work?

This technique takes advantage of the basic immunology concept of antigen binding to specific antibodies, which uses enzymatically labeled antibodies and antigens to detect the desired small biological molecules. Such antigenic molecules that can be identified in fluid samples include molecules such as peptides, proteins, and hormones. Enzymes for chemiluminescent immunoassays convert substrates into reaction products that emit photons of light instead of forming a specific color. Luminescence means that when the substance returns from the excited state to the ground state, the light is emitted by it. There are different types of luminescence, and the various forms are different in the way they reach the excited state. For chemiluminescence, it is light produced by a chemical reaction. The chemiluminescent substance can be excited by an oxidation reaction forming an intermediate. When this immediate returns to a stable ground state, the photons are released and detected by a luminescent signal instrument. The specific luminescence indicates the presence of the antigen. The number of specific biomolecules, which is being looked for and present in the sample, is based on the luminescence observed.

The principle of CLIA. Fig.1 The principle of CLIA.

Advantages of Our Chemiluminescent Immunoassays (CLIA) Platforms

Creative Biolabs has been devoted for the development of highly sensitive, more flexible, quantitative, and easy-to-use chemiluminescent immunoassays-based kits. There are several advantages of using chemiluminescence rather other types of immunoassay, including:

  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Small amounts of the biological molecule can be detected
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Linear relationship between luminous intensity and the concentration of the measured substance
  • The reactions can be enhanced with an enhancer

To assist customers for specific detection of disease-related proteins, Creative Biolabs provides a variety of ELISA based assay kits. If you are interested in our chemiluminescent immunoassay based kits development, please feel free to contact us for more details.

For lab research use only.

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