Molecular diagnostics provides rapid and sensitive approaches for the detection and monitoring of numerous human ailments. Its accuracy and sensitivity rely on high-quality immunoreagents and materials to a great extent. Driven by the development and optimization of molecular diagnostic materials, Creative Biolabs has developed many optimization solutions to provide customized reagents, raw materials, and custom services to promote the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

In vitro Diagnosis of Gene Level

Gene-based diagnostic tests can effectively detect diseases earlier and predict response to drugs and treatment. During the past decade, there are many technologies have been applied in the diagnosis at the gene level, including PCR, DNA/RNA sequencing, FISH, single-strand conformational polymorphism (SSCP), DNA restriction enzyme spectrum analysis, single nucleotide polymorphisms analysis, etc. With the advance of DNA signal and target amplification techniques and next-generation sequencing (NGS), there has been a paradigm shift from traditional diagnostics to a new generation gene-level diagnostic. Moreover, DNA microarray (chip) realizes the high-throughput genetic testing in a more cost-effective manner. The growing prevalence of infectious diseases (such as COVID-19) has largely spurred the development of the IVD market, aiming to provide faster, smaller, and more cost-effective tools that enable more precise diagnosis and point-of-care testing or self-testing.

Development and Optimization of Molecular Diagnostic Materials.

What We Can Do?

Creative Biolabs is committed to the development, optimization and promotion of breakthrough IVD methods to realize more accurate gene diagnosis and promote the development of molecular diagnostics. Our optimization and innovation services cover the whole workflow of IVD, including materials, diagnosis solutions, analytical methods, device systems, software, data processing, application support, and so on.

  • We provide customization and optimization services for the IVD reagent, includes chemical, biological, or immunological components, solutions, or preparations intended by the manufacturer to be used during the in vitro diagnosis process.
  • We provide custom, highly optimized gene diagnosis solutions specific to meet your basic, applied and clinical research demands in the development of unique in vitro assays.
  • We provide extensive promotion in analytical methods, process development, and formulation chemistry.
  • We expand our portfolio of high-performance IVD medical device systems and software to accelerate the accuracy and reliability of results to support clinicians.
  • We explore superior training courses and application support to assist troubleshooting and make the workflow smoother.

The goal of Creative Biolabs is to develop fit-for-purpose tests or assays customized to your specifications. We strive to be a dependable solutions provider and a trusted source for material and expertise from concept to manufacturing. Proudly, we have integrated today's cutting-edge technologies, including liquid biopsy, Microfluidics, NGS, multi-omic analysis and mass spectrometry into IVD. Amongst, NGS and multi-omic analysis provide a more comprehensive picture for personalized disease diagnosis.

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