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IVD Antibody Development

IVD antibodies are widely used for various immunology methods. Creative Biolabs has developed many high-quality IVD antibody pairs against different disease targets, with low cross-reactivity, for the promotion of your IVD research projects.

Featured Services

IVD Materials and Reagents Development Services

Creative Biolabs is a multi-faceted company serving as a supplier of products, services, and solutions to the diagnostic of the life science community. Our core competencies and one-of-a-kind expertise are central in our ability to provide needed materials, reagents, and custom services to global clients. We strive to be a complete solutions provider and a trusted source for material and expertise from concept to manufacturing.

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Custom Antibody Array Development Services

Antibody arrays allow a much broader view of protein activity than can be obtained with single-target ELISA and WB. Besides, antibody array screening improves the chances for discovering key factors, disease mechanisms or biomarkers related to cytokine signaling. Creative Biolabs will give you the most suitable advice on the selection of antibody arrays.

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Custom IVD Antibody Production Services

Creative Biolabs offers customized IVD production services for our catalog IVD antibodies as well as provided antibodies. Manufacturers can choose from milligram to kilogram amounts of antibodies which are extensively tested and characterized.

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Custom Formulation Development Services

Creative Biolabs provides formulation development and optimization services for different academic diagnosis assays. These services are custom-tailored to each client's needs.

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Custom Assay Development Services

Scientists at Creative Biolabs are experts in immunoassay development and can assist clients based on their requirements. Working side by side, Creative Biolabs provides efficiencies with shorter timelines to accelerate IVD product development and commercialization. By applying our staff's experience and a proven quality system, we are able to complete assay development and shorten timeline challenges that can occur at any stage during IVD product development.

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Integrated and Discrete IVD Diagnostics Development

Creative Biolabs is a full-service company offering complete IVD diagnostics services within a single outsourcing operation to scientific research institutions and biotechnology companies. As a unique services entity, we offer an integrated development process for multiple phase projects or discrete and tailored diagnostic projects to augment your team's needs.

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SdAb-based Diagnostic Tools Development Services

Creative Biolabs provides sdAb-based diagnostic tools development services for worldwide clients. The tools include diagnostic tool and imaging tool. Development of novel diagnostic or imaging probes remains critical for early detection of disease.

Featured Services

Next Generation Diagnostic Devices Development Services

Creative Biolabs can work with our partners to perform next generation diagnostic devices development services to support your project transformation.

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