Creative Biolabs offers a variety of fluorescent dyes labeling services for worldwide customers for both research and commercial use. Based on years of conjugation experience, our custom fluorescent antibody and protein labeling service include experimental design, development of protocols for the preparation of conjugates to be used in various detection systems.

Introduction of Fluorescent Dyes Labeling

Fluorescent dyes can be conjugated directly to the primary or secondary antibody. In recent years, fluorescence-based assays have become crucial experimental tools for the measurement of protein interactions, enzymatic activity, conformation changes, and localization of proteins. Many biological experiments, such as fluorescent cell imaging, western blotting, and immunohistochemistry, have adopted fluorescent-dye conjugated antibodies as an important tool for identifying proteins. Most important, the assays can be performed in real-time, in solution, with high-time resolution and sensitivity down to single molecules. Moreover, the advantages of using a fluorescently labeled antibody include brighter signal, multiplexing capabilities, and ease of use (many are available pre-conjugated to many different colors of dyes).

Fluorescent Dyes Labeling Services Provided by Creative Biolabs

With extensive experience and professional scientists, Creative Biolabs has the ability to conjugate your antibody or protein to numerous fluorescent dyes. In order to verify that the observed fluorescence is a result of staining rather than an unspecific artifact, our skilled staffs will work closely with you to help select the most suited dye and labeling site according to your specific requirements. Starting from customer supplied antibodies or Creative Biolabs generated custom antibodies, we deliver fluorescent dyes labeled antibodies in a relatively short duration. Furthermore, each labeled service is meticulously monitored by our quality assurance center. The fluorescent dyes we can offer are shown as below, which including but not limited to:

 Illustration of methods used for fluorescence labeling.Fig.1 Illustration of methods used for fluorescence
labelling. (Martin-Fernandez., 2012)

  • BODIPY Derivatives
  • Rhodamine Derivatives
  • Lucifer Yellow Derivatives
  • Coumarin Derivatives
  • Fluorescein Derivatives
  • Enzyme
  • Organometallic Compound
  • Cascade Blue Derivatives
  • Phycobiliprotein Derivatives

Features of Our Fluorescent Dyes Labeling Service

  • Wide selection of up to 9 unique fluorescent dyes to support your project
  • Rich experience and mature technology to ensure your program a success
  • Fast turnaround time with a relatively low price
  • Full range of technical support

Creative Biolabs offers an extensive range of fluorescent dyes labeling services for global researchers in the most high-quality and cost-effective way. If you are interested in how we can help you with the development of your programs, please feel free to contact us and get more detailed information.


  1. Martin-Fernandez., (2012) "Single molecule fluorescence detection and tracking in mammalian cells: the state-of-the-art and future perspectives." International journal of molecular sciences 13.11: 14742-14765.

For lab research use only.

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