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Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay

Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay

Homogenous enzyme immunoassay is defined as an immunoassay system in which both antigen-antibody reaction and the measurement of the degree of immune reaction are performed in solution without separation of the free and antibody-bound components. The assay is based on the conformational change of the active site of the enzyme or the steric hindrance of the substrate by the binding of enzyme-labeled antigen to the antibody.

  • Work Principle

When the antibody binds to the analyte conjugated to the reporter enzyme, a physical blockage and/or a conformational change of the enzyme active site occurs, hindering the substrate from accessing the active site or reducing intrinsic catalytic activity. As a result, the reporter enzyme activity is repressed. Because the number of antibody sites available to inhibit the enzyme depends on the free analyte concentration, the measurable reporter enzyme activity is related to the free analyte concentration.

  • Advantages of Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay

Unlike heterogeneous immunoassay, which requires time-consuming separation steps or expensive automated systems, homogeneous enzyme immunoassay, wherein all reagents are freely suspended in bulk solution, can be fast and straightforward without costly instrumentation. Besides, this method offers several advantages: 1) the non-radiolabel does not require the separation steps of the bound and free label; 2) the process can be applied to the measurement of high molecular weight antigens. Meanwhile, any general analyzer can accommodate homogeneous enzyme immunoassay capable of the basic visible, UV, or fluorescence measurements.

  • Application of Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay

Initially, the chief application of homogeneous enzyme immunoassay has been generally applied to the determination of low molecular weight analytes such as hormones and drugs. More recently, this assay has been developed for complex higher molecular weight protein antigens. It is reasonable to conclude that this newly developed method of a rapid and sensitive enzyme immunoassay in a homogeneous system will be of great clinical use.

Our Services based on Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay Platform

Scientists at Creative Biolabs have a wealth of experience performing a variety of immunoassays to support your requirements. Our goal is to perform high-quality analytics, valid results from routine analysis to custom-developed assays delivered in a short turnover time based on our client's demands. Also, our novel platform provides rapid, efficient, and accurate types of homogenous enzyme immunoassay, including but not limited to:

Homogenous enzyme immunoassay working principle.

Creative Biolabs offers various homogenous enzyme immunoassay development services from standard techniques to custom made immunoassays with more than ten years of experience. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help.


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