The emergence of a wide range of smartphone-based diagnostic applications has significantly propelled medical research, particularly in vitro diagnostics (IVD). Based on our experienced scientists and robust platforms, Creative Biolabs is the ideal partner for your mobile diagnostic development requirements.

Mobile Diagnostics

Smartphone-based applications for portable IVD are commonly referred to as mobile diagnostics. Such mobile diagnostics are gaining more and more attention in healthcare, environmental monitoring, and agro-food sectors, allowing rapid and on-site analysis for preliminary and meaningful information extraction. Various types of advanced sensors and features, such as light detectors, digital cameras, and wireless internet service, are equipped in recent smartphones. These features facilitate the utilization of smartphones for real-time diagnostics by healthcare professionals, regardless of time and place, which is, in fact, the most promising way of rendering healthcare facilities to individuals and the public.

Applications of Mobile Diagnostics

Mobile diagnostics have recently emerged as a desirable tool to detect analytes of clinical interest. This includes performing routine clinical tests like molecular diagnostics, immunoassays, and enzymatic assays to diagnose many diseases such as infectious diseases and cancers.

Rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases and accurate identification of causative pathogens play crucial roles in disease prevention, monitoring, and treatment. Some researchers have recently developed a portable smartphone-based quantitative molecular detection platform for pathogen monitoring and disease surveillance, such as HPV and HIV. The platform takes advantage of a colorimetric LAMP assay and smartphone-based real-time color analysis, enabling highly sensitive, cost-effective, quantitative molecular detection at the point of care (POC). Furthermore, quantitative test results can be reported by the smartphone and wirelessly transmitted to a website, together with the testing time and GPS coordinates, allowing real-time pathogen tracking and disease mapping. Such simple, cost-affordable, portable mobile molecular diagnostic technology has excellent potential for a wide variety of applications ranging from on-site early disease detection, remote healthcare monitoring, and epidemic surveillance.

Mobile diagnostics assisted infection disease research.Fig.1 Mobile diagnostics assisted infection disease research. (Yin, 2020)

Cancers have become the leading cause of death and posed a considerable threat to global health, so that early and accurate detection is crucial in cancer treatment and monitoring. Some researchers have developed a non-invasive detection strategy that combines microchip ELISA and mobile-based colorimetric measurement to quantify an ovarian cancer biomarker, HE4, in the urine. Integration of a mobile application with mobile enables immediate data processing of microchip ELISA without referring to peripheral equipment for read-out and analysis. This simple, non-invasive testing strategy can potentially aid early detection of ovarian cancer among high-risk populations and monitor follow-up treatment efficacy.

Mobile diagnostics assisted cancer research.Fig.2 Mobile diagnostics assisted cancer research. (Wang, 2011)

Smartphone-based Diagnostics Development

Creative Biolabs has long-term devoted to the development and application of smartphone-based diagnostics. Our scientists are confident in offering the best and most suitable solutions for our customers worldwide. Based on the different detection levels of mobile diagnostics, our scientists provide highly custom solutions to support your requirement mainly through the following approaches effectively:

Smartphone-based diagnostics development on gene level

Smartphone-based diagnostics development on protein level

Smartphone-based diagnostics development on cell level

Smartphone-based diagnostics development on tissue level

With advances in micro-manufacture, sensor technology, and miniaturized electronics, diagnostics on smartphones will be used increasingly to perform biochemical detections in healthcare diagnosis, environmental monitoring, and food evaluation in the near future. Investigators and scientists in Creative Biolabs will work closely with you to ensure that specific mobile-based diagnostic approaches are adequately developed and validated to meet all of your requirements. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.


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