Through years of professional service experience for our worldwide clients, Creative Biolabs is a pioneer in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) field in the domestic and international market. Based on our mature IVD antibody discovery platform, our professional team is confident to offer first-class monoclonal antibody development services for in vitro research and diagnostic assays.

Since the development of hybridoma technology, the monoclonal antibodies have tremendous applications in the field of diagnostics, therapeutics of a variety of disease, not only for infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and protozoa but also for cancer, autoimmune diseases and hormonal disorders. In addition, monoclonal antibodies are used in the diagnosis of lymphoid and myeloid malignancies, tissue typing, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, radio immunoassay, serotyping of microorganisms.

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Hybridoma Technology

Hybridoma technology makes great contribution to producing large-scale monoclonal antibodies. Hybridoma is produced by the fusion of immunized lymphocytes from an experimental animal and immortal myeloma cells. By combining the benefits of tumor cell with the B lymphocyte, the hybridoma technology shows both hybrid indefinite growth and the capability to generate a specific antibody. Through stabilization by repeated cell cloning, hybridoma is a promising cell line for the production of identical monoclonal antibody in a large quantity for years. The development of hybridoma technology has greatly increased the specificity of antibodies. The quantity of antibodies can be small size for research uses or large scale for diagnostic industry. We have extensive experience and advanced platform to produce antibodies within only 70 days.

Hamster Monoclonal Antibody

First generated in 1982, monoclonal hamster antibodies were created by using stable hamster-mouse hybridomas and demonstrated great affinity, specificity, and stability. Monoclonal hamster antibodies have multiple unique advantages. First, they are non-immunogenic in murine animals and have a relatively long circulatory half-life as long as 14 days, thus making an ideal model for establishing diverse in vivo disease models. What else, monoclonal hamster antibodies usually exhibit high-affinity levels and can be easily purified. Monoclonal hamster antibodies can be injected in mice without mounting immune responses, and they remain stable for a long time due to relatively long half-life. Those producing the desired mAb are grown in tissue culture; the culture medium is harvested periodically and mAbs are purified from the medium. This is a very expensive and time-consuming process. It may take weeks of culturing and many liters of media to provide enough mAbs for an experiment or to treat a single patient.

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Rat Monoclonal Antibody

As the second popular rodent used in the laboratory, rats have been utilized in almost every aspect of biomedical and behavioral research. Undoubtedly, rats are the ideal source for antibody discovery and the rat monoclonal antibodies may offer several advantages over mice. Analogously, rats also produce the IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM antibody isotypes and recognize a broad range of human proteins as antigens. In addition, the rat antibodies are found do not have the cross-reaction in immune-detection of antigens out of a mouse background, which shown as a strong point in some sandwich assays. Rat monoclonal antibodies are the ideal alternative or complement for various researches to acquire wider repertoires and isolate antibodies against novel targets with higher affinity.

Sheep Monoclonal Antibody

Sheep is considered as one of the most widely used host species for raising antibodies. Similar to goat, sheep belongs to the subfamily Caprinae. Thus these two species share a lot in common. One common feature is that they both possess a large volume of antiserum, which makes sheep another appropriate option for large-scale antibody production, with typically around 200-300 mL of serum yield for each. This allows researchers to obtain total antibodies from a single sheep, thus eliminating individual variabilities. Notably, sheep demonstrate greater immune sensitivity, enabling a much wider range of epitope recognition than other candidates of host species. Monoclonal antibodies from immunized sheep are generally of higher specificity and affinity than standard mouse/rat monoclonal antibodies, which indicate great potential for biomedical, veterinary, and agricultural purposes. Monoclonal sheep antibodies are currently being used for a variety of biomedical applications. For instance, monoclonal sheep antibodies with high specificity and affinity have proved to be ideal clinical leads suitable for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of multiple life-threatening bacterial infections.

Chicken IgY Antibody

Chicken IgY antibodies are avian equivalents of mammalian IgG antibodies. Compared to mammalian IgG antibodies, chicken IgY antibodies have higher avidity, less cross-reactivity, and higher specificity, rendering chicken IgY antibodies more valuable in laboratory experiments and diagnostic assays. Creative Biolabs provides the most cost-effective custom chicken IgY antibody production services in the industry. Chicken IgY antibodies are avian equivalents of mammalian IgG antibodies. Chicken antibodies are produced by immunization of laying hens and subsequent purification of IgY from the egg yolk.

Features of Chicken IgY Antibodies:

  • Higher avidity
  • Higher specificity
  • High yield
  • Lower background

With high affinity and specificity, monoclonal antibodies have been widely applied for both laboratory study and clinical area in vitro diagnosis of an array of human disease, including autoimmune diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hormone diseases and so on. In order to improve the value of these antibody-based diagnostic tools and help clinicians in the diagnosis, prognosis, and staging of a variety of disease, Creative Biolabs is providing IVD antibody development services to produce high-quality monoclonal antibodies of diagnostic use.

If you are interested in our IVD antibody platform, please feel free to inquiry us for more details.

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