In vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry has increasingly popular in detection and diagnosis of diseases, as well as monitor various biochemical reactions within cells. Creative Biolabs has collected vast expertise in commercial kits on radioimmunoassay (RIA) systems and can offer specialized development services to fit scientists’ purposes on their projects. With the help of IVD kits, the experimental process and clinical test will ease to operate and be more efficient for further study.

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Radioimmunoassay (RIA)

RIA is a traditional technique spread in thousands of laboratories around the world. This assay is able to analyze nanomolar and picomolar concentrations of blood, tissues, and other biologic fluids of pep tidal and non-peptide hormones, enzymes, drugs, viruses, bacterial antigens, and other organic substances. RIA is a type of in vitro test, ingredients, that are labeled antigen, specific antibody, and standard or unknown substances, are incubated together in tubes. After an appropriate reaction time, the antibody-bound and free fractions of radioactive antigen are separated and the radioactivity of each fraction is detected. Subsequently, a calibration curve is drawn from the data on standards. Later, the concentration of an unknown sample is determined from the finished calibration curve.

RIA combines the extreme sensitivity of the detection of radioactively labeled substances with the high specificity of immune reactions. The superiority of RIA over other analytical technologies depends upon its fast, simplicity, sensitivity, specificity, facile application, and particularly their broad general scope.

Principles of RIA Method

The major substances and instruments of regular RIA involve that specific antiserum to the antigen to be measured, availability of a radioactively labeled form of the antigen, a method in which the antibody-bound tracer separated from the unbound tracer, and an equipment to count radioactivity. Due to its widespread applicability, most researchers are not concerned about the fundamental theories of RIA. In reality, RIA is simple in principle. The concentration of an unknown and unlabeled antigen is obtained through comparing its inhibitory effect on the binding of radioactively labeled antigen to a specific antibody with the inhibitory effect of known standards.

Schematic diagram of the radioimmunoassay. Fig.1 Schematic diagram of the radioimmunoassay.

RIA-based Kits Development

RIA and related assays are attractive and powerful analytical tools for detecting a variety of molecules present in complex matrices. It has the high degree of specificity of the antigen-antibody reaction, the high sensitivity offered by radioactivity measurement, the simplicity of techniques, reliability and the requirements for only modest facilities. RIA plays a significant role in establishing the usefulness of measurements of these antigens and hormones in clinical practical applications.

Biologically active substances are usually effective in nanogram or even smaller quantities. Therefore, investigations of their action mode require a high-sensitive microanalytical method to monitor. Chromatographic, spectrometric or chemical methods normally lack the necessary sensitivity. With the assistant of Creative Biolabs, the RIA-based kits have been produced and made it possible to complete the quantitative determination of minute amounts of substances in the presence of a million-fold excess of other compounds. Meanwhile, these commercial kits are focused more on IVD studies and continue offering distinct advantages in terms of simplicity and sensitivity. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

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