Antibody Discovery

With the promise of better specificity and safety, antibody drugs are a powerful tool for treating disease. Creative Biolabs is a leading provider that focuses on developing antibody drugs with high specific and affinity for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use. We are able to discover novel antibodies that can promote the desired biological response while avoiding off-target binding and toxicity.

Antibody Discovery

In Vitro Display

In vitro display represents a series of emerging and innovative technologies, which can rapidly isolate and evolve the specific antibodies from large combinatorial libraries for medical applications. This technique links genotype (DNA or RNA) with phenotype (antibody fragment) to screen specific combining sites from a large library. Creative Biolabs has established a variety of in vitro display technologies for antibody screening, including phage display, bacterial display, yeast display, and ribosome display.

Native™ Antibody Discovery

Although in vitro antibody display is widely used currently, it cannot provide antibodies with naturally paired heavy chain (VH) and light chain (VL). To overcome the limitations of in vitro display for antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs has developed the exclusive Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform to isolate single antigen specific plasma cells. By this platform, we can help you find native antibodies with extremely high in vivo specificity and affinity. Moreover, this novel technology allows us to select a large number of antibody candidates simultaneously, which saving a lot of time and money. The selection only takes 2-3 weeks after immunization. It should be considered by far the most efficient way in developing native monoclonal antibodies.

Screening Premade Libraries

The premade phage display libraries are constructed using plasma cells from a large quantity of healthy/diseased human donors or animals. We provide naïve libraries, as well as multiple well-designed synthetic antibody libraries based on human conserved sequences. During the past decades, we have integrated a comprehensive portfolio of premade phage display libraries, including premade human and mouse antibody libraries, premade single domain antibody libraries and immunized human antibody libraries.

Hybridoma Platform

The development of hybridoma technology has greatly increased the specificity of antibodies as well as permitted increased production of specific antibodies. Creative Biolabs provides a full range of services based on our state-of-the-art hybridoma platform. Our services cover all the steps of custom monoclonal antibody production, from gene expression to antibody purification and labeling. The quantity of antibodies can be small size for research uses or large scale for diagnostic industry. We have extensive experience and advanced equipment to produce antibodies within only 70 days.

Human Antibody Production Using Transgenic Mice

Fully human antibodies from transgenic animals play increasingly important role in new therapeutics. Creative Biolabs has developed the Magic™ Human Antibody Discovery Platform to produce fully human monoclonal antibodies in transgenic mice. As a leading provider in human antibody production field, Creative Biolabs can employ "humanized" transgenic mice to discover and produce human antibodies. Our "humanized" transgenic mice can directly generate high affinity, fully human antibodies, which avoid the subsequent costly and tedious in vitro affinity maturation and antibody humanization process.

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