Compound Libraries

The success or failure of a drug discovery project ultimately lies in the choice of the scaffolds to be screened - chosen from among the many millions of available compounds. Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in identifying, synthesizing and commercializing bioactives for research uses. We also assemble relevant sets of focused/diverse compound libraries for hit screening. Combined with different volume of parallel synthesis technologies (high throughput, low-volume parallel synthesis, and medium- and high-volume synthesis), Creative Biolabs has achieved high attainments in designing and synthesizing high-quality biologically active compounds used for different purposes.

Compound Libraries

Creative Biolabs collects small molecules including inhibitors, activators and/or inducers to construct easy and ready-to-use libraries. Each compound has its associated information, such as the chemical structure, purity, quantity, and physiochemical characteristics. We store compound libraries with a fully represented or sampled chemical space to prevent molecular interactions. Based on our broad knowledge of compound libraries, we have the ability to re-supply individual compounds and custom libraries to meet all your requirements.

Compound libraries are useful tools for drug discovery. Creative Biolabs only provides compounds that are suitable for screening applications. This means that besides having pharmacological activity, the compounds have proven solubility, purity, and stability. We provide several types of compound libraries, including natural product library, target-specific libraries, and FDA-approved drug library.

Natural Product Library

Recent studies showed that two out of the three major classes of currently used antifungals/antibacterials are derived from natural products. Many kinds of drug selection still pay attention to natural products which represent the most exquisite examples of therapies - selecting for their activities through evolution. In Creative Biolabs, we keep efforts on natural product library. Our library is composed of 800 pure natural compounds as leads identifying materials. The sources and reference information (e.g. chemical structure, purity, quantity, and physiochemical characteristics) of our natural samples are available. This extensive diversity library stays great value for antifungal drug selections that apply to various targets.

Target-Specific Libraries

Target-specific compound libraries are collections of compounds which are designed to interact with an individual protein target or, frequently, a family of related targets. Target-specific library designing and compound screening is the key element for the development of new drugs that target a wide range of diseases. As the development of high throughput computational docking, and several structure determination techniques, we are able to design and develop libraries for various disease models (for instance, Antifungal Compound Libraries and Antibacterial Compound Libraries). Creative Biolabs provides computer-aided structure-based and fragment-based target-specific library design by identifying more potent and specific binders. The compound we designed can interact with several target families, such as kinases, ion channels, serine/cysteine proteases and GPCR. The computer-aided process can largely save time and money as well as improve the drug discovery success rate.

FDA-Approved Drug Library

FDA-approved products are more safety and effectiveness. These products have already confirmed by literature, patent reports, and clinical research. We offer up-to-date medical molecules and access to several drug libraries.

Creative Biolabs dedicates discovering innovative antifungal drugs that using superior methodologies and technologies to address the chemical libraries, targets, and pathways. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry .


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