Creative Biolabs is a world-leading provider of diet-induced obesity (DIO) NHP model and relevant research service. During the past decade, we have set up several state-of-the-art experimental platforms and successfully established many well-characterized NHP disease models. It is our long-term promise to deliver the most cost-effective service with the best quality and to guarantee to uphold the highest ethical standards of animal care and welfare at the same moment.

Causes and harms of obesity

Obesity is a physical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health. It is regarded as one of the most serious public health issues in this century mainly due to economic growth, lifestyle change and decreased physical activities. Obesity will increase health risks, and morbidly obesity can lead to many serve complications like type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, and even cancer.

Why we use NHP models to study obesity?

It is important for anti-obesity agents to use predictive and convincing data from human-relevant models before entering clinical trials. Non-human primates (NHPs) which naturally resemble human beings in many aspects are by far the most predictive models available for obesity studies. In comparison with humans, NHPs models are more accessible and feasible in doing some examination such as biopsy and histopathology. The advantages of NHPs obesity models are as follows:

  • Similar features of obesity, dyslipidemia and other dysmetabolic characteristics
  • Detailed information can be obtained to reveal disease mechanisms and evaluate therapies
  • Provide a very good chance to track human-like disease progression to complications
  • Make the preclinical data more convincing before entering a clinical trial
  • Allow study on the effects of diet in NHPs with different metabolic dysfunctions

Diet-Induced Obesity (DIO) Model

DIO models provided by Creative Biolabs

Currently, there are two types of obese NHP models: naturally occurring (spontaneous) NHP obesity model and diet-induced obesity (DIO) model, both of which are available in Creative Biolabs. Especially, we provide the well-characterized DIO model induced via feeding with high calorie (fat) diet (HCD). Our highly translatable models have been widely used to learn disease progression and evaluate novel agents. Multidimensional evaluations are provided according to customers' requirements:

  • Body weight, body mass index (BMI)
  • Total fat assessment (e.g. BIA, WHR, and DEXA scanning)
  • Metabolic parameters (e.g. insulin, TG, TC, HDLc, LDLc, leptin levels, CRP, and C-peptide)

As an alternative, we also provide other metabolic disorders models like type I diabetes and type II diabetes. Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized long-term expert in building a great variety of NHP disease models (e.g. neurological disease, renal disease, liver disease, urogenital disease, and immune disease). A full set of independent operational quality assurance program can be used to monitor and evaluate every aspect of our services systematically. Through strict supervisory and regulatory system we can ensure adequate result accuracy and high-quality practice standards. Please feel free to contact us for further discussions.

For lab research use only.

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