Creative Biolabs has worked in the field of in vivo PK studies for many years. With advanced technology and professional scientists, we are capable of providing competitively priced dose response assessment services for global customers. Our streamlined procedures and targeted reports allow us to offer credible data with operationally efficient services. Most importantly, partnering with Creative Biolabs will enable you to incorporate the industry's best practices into your drug discovery program.

Introduction of Dose Response Assessment

As a key part of in vivo PK studies, dose response assessment is conducted to ascertain the relationship between the dose of an agent administered and the incidence of an adverse health effect on humans or animals. It is a quantitative relationship derived between the dose and the probability of toxicological responses. And the incidence of the adverse dose is estimated as a function of the exposure to the chemical. Generally, the relationship between dose and response is described through a dose-response curve which is a simple X-Y graph relating the magnitude of a stressor (e.g. concentration of a pollutant, amount of a drug, temperature, intensity of radiation) to the response of the receptor (e.g. organism or population under study).

Dose-response relationship curve for mitogenic potency. Fig.1 Dose-response relationship curve for mitogenic potency. (Thomson, 2010)

Dose Response Assessment Provided by Creative Biolabs

As a leading company in drug discovery, Creative Biolabs can provide both high-quality and cost-effective dose response assessment services in multiple species, including rodents, non-rodents, and non-human primates. When a dose response assessment study is performed, experiment animals will be given the highest dose that they can tolerate and other two doses at lower concentrations. In the same time, control animals will not be exposed to the agent. What’s more, a series of factors which may be associated with dose assessment will be taken into consideration by our professional scientists during a research is conducted, which including but not limited to age, exposure, the pattern of exposure, gender, genetics, and socioeconomic conditions.

Creative Biolabs is committed to helping our worldwide customers with the development of their programs. In addition to dose response assessment services, we also provide other in vivo PK study services listed below to meet every client’s requirements.

Features of Our Services

  • Personalized: Both standard and custom-built services to meet our client’s requirements
  • Comprehensive: Full-scale in vivo PK study services, as well as dose response assessment
  • Quickly: Short duration with advanced technologies
  • Cost-effective: Competitive price with the best quality

For more details and information, please feel free to contact us and get a quote. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


  1. Thomson, G. A. "Insulin, insulin analogues and cancer: no cause for panic." International journal of clinical practice 64.5 (2010): 525-527.

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